Samir Chahine
Mar 5 · 3 min read

An unfortunate juxtaposition

A way of life

There are ones and there are zeroes. Those who know and those who don’t.

It is unlikely that we are close to knowing anything about the reality of the world we are living in, not because of privilege, nor is it the lack of understanding for the things around us. It is simply because we do not deserve to know. If we are born into ignorance, only to lead a life lead by ignorance and then follow a path or a goal or a dream that was inspired by ignorance, why should we deserve anything more?

My philosophy is that to experience happiness, one must first experience pain. It is a balancing act where reciprocity is consistent and guaranteed. However, we live in a world where idleness is celebrated, promoted and encouraged. I have a way of referring to the very idea this article pertains to; The Law of Life.

“To succeed, one must suffer in the midst of illusive desires.”

Whether you view success as being happy, rich, powerful or fulfilled, you must always go through the exact amount of suffering as you will enlightenment.

It is easy to grasp this concept, but to apply it in times when you are experiencing the hurdles and obstacles universally designed to make you quit would be the differentiating factor that sets you further from the rest. I believe that those who are idolised — from days passed, today and for years to come — know this to be the secret of life, albeit to a much deeper extent.

I have learned that in the process of overcoming difficulties and inconveniences, life will offer you an easy way out. An illusive convenience that you will take should you want to give up. Usually it is always the case, a seasonable retreat from the goal at hand. These are used as tests that most will fail and misinterpret as success.

It is important you ignore these desires on your journey as they will set you back and hurt you in the long run, regardless of the short–lived joy that they may bring.

These simple principles are momentous in the realisation of an aspiration.

A journey tends to lead us to enlightenment, whereas most destinations exist only to encourage reflection.

To endure is to harness the ability of differentiating what it is you need and what you tend to desire and to only succumb to the former. These desires may amount to near insignificance or rather remarkable importance. A life of contentment is the result of making small sacrifices and refusing to surrender to desires.

These temptations may be disguised as trivial or moderate inconveniences, or even life altering pursuits. I have found that in forcing ourselves to experience minor nuisances that most would tend to avoid, we begin to build an understanding that revolves around manipulating the balance of life.

Opinion on Religion

One of the most fascinating reflections I have experienced would have to be my misconceptions about religion. Growing up I was raised by the morals and values of a christian, only to then leave the church and denounce their teachings.

At some point I started to feel very lost, not understanding the point of life nor the real purpose we are supposedly born to serve. There were so many religions with so many teachings taught by followers who believed that they were on to something.

What if they were, but they just didn’t know why? What if all the sacrifices religions advise you to make and the temptations they implore you avoid are all part of manipulating the balance of life?

What if the founders of each religion not only had the same epiphany I claim to boast, but the means to share it with the world in a forceful, God-fearing and desire evading manner, because it was the only way?

Did the prophets truly speak to God, or is God the only explanation for those who couldn’t understand to comprehend the algorithmic nature of life?

There are those who know, regardless of whether or not they choose to play the game.

I envy those who don’t.


Existing is merely an illusion. I hope to bring about what is real and what is imagined in this illusive reality. To rise above all pain and suffering which lives only in the mind.

Samir Chahine

Written by

The Law of Life


Existing is merely an illusion. I hope to bring about what is real and what is imagined in this illusive reality. To rise above all pain and suffering which lives only in the mind.

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