5 Best Purchases Everyone Can Make in Their 20s

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Fresh from your teenage years, the 20s are the best period. It’s the time where you have gained true independence. It’s a time of change as well. You might have moved out of your parents’ house and starting on your own. Without realizing it now, it will become the most turbulent period in your life. Sometimes, you’ll buy unnecessary material things based on unexplainable whims. Or the latest purchases are to show off to others. You want to tell the entire world that you can afford nice things and impress your circle of friends. For others, it could be something nice to post on social media. You might spend more time socializing more than anything else. You will meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. This is the perfect time to start networking as you’ll never know you’ll be needing them later on. You’ll realize that you’ll need to surround yourself with the right people. Hang out with a crowd who shares common long-term goals other than impressing others.

Most people agree to be in your 20s is about “having the time of your life”. This period is about having fun and enjoying yourself. On a serious note, you are most likely on the path to finishing a bachelor’s degree. Others plan to take up their master’s degree. This stage is discovering who you are, learning new things, and finding out which things work for you. Now, you are starting to work or pursuing a career you’re very much interested in. For many, it will be the first time earning X amount of dollars. It will be a big accomplishment earning for yourself. It means you’re not asking for money anymore from your parents. This means you can look after yourself, buy nice things, and do the things that you’ve always wanted. Everyone will be in their place in life but more or less, you know what the 20s are about, right?

Aside from everything you’ve experienced, it’s normal to make mistakes along the way. Everyone does and it shows that no one is perfect. The best thing about these failures is that you can overcome them. You will become a much better person afterward. But, there are readers like you. Most of you are interested in using this time to build and accumulate wealth. But where to start? Being clueless stops right here. In this article, we’ll discover how to make the best purchases in your 20s. Use them to your advantage as you will need them to assist you in building your wealth. This will be a real eye-opener for everyone. It will be for people who want to secure one’s wealth and learn how to build it from there. You’d like that very much, right?

“I think your 20s are the hardest part of life. I mean, everyone goes on about how hard it is to be a teenager, but actually I think it’s tougher to be in your 20s because you’re expected to be a grownup and expected to earn your own living and be successful and I think you feel like a kid still.” — Nigel Cole

Best Purchase #1: Invest in Your Education and Career

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If any of you are decided on what to do the rest of your life, the first best buy you can do is to invest in your education. It will determine the outcome of your career. The main reason behind this is that education will increase your worth and income. For example, if you commit to becoming the best lawyer there is out there. The first step would be to enroll yourself in law school. After getting your degree, you’ll need to spend money towards getting your license. This applies to other professions as well. To further advance your career, plan on getting into a specialization. It will help you propel in your chosen career. One small choice can affect the outcome of your entire life. It would be safe to say that investing in your education will get you further in life. Especially if you know what to do with your knowledge.

If you still aren’t sure what to do when it comes to your career, that’s okay too. Not everyone has a vision for themselves. Try to see what you enjoy doing, identify your strengths, and follow what your passions are. It should be something where you see yourself in the future as well. It should not be a temporary thing that will disappear tomorrow. Based on this assessment, you can see it from there and decide which career would best suit you. Later on, you’ll see what career opportunities will arise from that. There are plenty of online courses to explore so see which ones fit best.

Since you still have a lot of time on your hands, your 20s will focus on increasing income. Work hard and be smart about the investments where you put your money in. This is the time where you can solidify the foundation of your career. In other words, grow and maintain your career so that you can continue to make investments. The best time will come when you have made money from them and use it again to keep on investing to build your wealth. By investing, you won’t have to work as hard as you had to before. Again, the first investment should be on yourself and your career.

Best Purchase #2: Invest in a Reliable Secondhand Car

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You can rely on public transportation to get around. If that’s not an option, considering buying a reliable secondhand car. It will be one of the best buys you can ever make in your 20s. If you are focused on building your wealth, it will save you a lot of money. Think about the functionality of a car. The main purpose is getting around in the fastest and most convenient way possible. Now for a fraction of a cost, you’ll be able to do this. Sure, it doesn’t look cool and doesn’t get everyone’s attention. If your real purpose is to build wealth, this will come later on. By the time you are stable, you will be able to buy any car that you want. This time will come without this major buy being a financial burden.

Some of you might think otherwise. Start thinking about how much of your income will go to the expenses that come with it. This includes the car, gas, regular maintenance, insurance, and repairs (if any). If you add the total of the costs, you will see that it will eat away a large part of your income. The real question is this. Will there be anything left? You will have other expenses. Housing, groceries, credit card bills, to name a few. A brand new car depreciates the moment you buy it. A quality secondhand car rarely does. Find a car that has a low mileage and won’t break anytime soon.

Best Purchase #3: Quality Gadgets

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Let’s face it. Today, everyone is dependent on 3 essentials: technology, the internet, and a laptop. Without having these things is like living backward especially in the Stone Age. It will be difficult to get through in life without these things. You will need it for school to read through modules and get assignments done. Even after graduation, your laptop will be one of the most important assets you’ll ever have. Everyone is going digital. Most businesses are relying on technology more than ever to survive.

It will depend on the nature of your work. Most people will need high-speed internet and a high-quality laptop to get any job done. Make sure all the specifications are quite high. So that its performance is at its tiptop shape and running smoothly. Install the important software that will help you become more efficient. If necessary, make upgrades. Again, you don’t need to spend all your money getting the latest MacBook. Get the one that fits your budget. Most importantly, it gets the job done in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Best Purchase #4: Invest in a Roth IRA

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In your 20s, you may or may not have come across something called a Roth IRA. It’s an individual retirement account. All the money you make in this account becomes tax-free at the age of 59 and a half years old. Think of it as a bank account where you put a part of your income to. Anything you put in this account is completely tax-free. For someone in their 20s, compound interest will help you out in this one. Allot a workable amount of money to put in your Roth IRA without thinking too much about it. Above all, be consistent in what you buy and hold for an amount of time (like 30 to 40 years).

Best Purchase #5: Real Estate Investments

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One of the best investments that you can make in your 20s is real estate. Its value always increases especially if it’s in the right location. Don’t think about buying the most expensive and most luxurious house on the block. Rather, see it as an investment. You can start scanning for foreclosed properties and get some real deals from there. You will reap benefits if you use it as a rental property. You could be earning extra income on top of what you’re currently making. When you receive that monthly rental, it means that you didn’t have to work hard for it. If that didn’t make an impact, think about making more property purchases later on!

Another best investment you can make is to buy a 2–4 unit property. By doing so, you can live in one unit while having the other units rented out. In that way, it will save you a lot of money when it comes to housing. It will almost seem as if you are living in your place for free. It is all thanks to the flowing passive rental income that you can rely on every month. It will be one of the most rewarding purchases that you will ever make in your entire lifetime.

“You have to be prepared to give creative work 150%. I hear a lot of young people talking about life/work balance, which I think is great when you’re in your 30s. If you’re in your 20s and already talking about that, I don’t think you will achieve your goals. If you want to build a powerful career and make an impact, then you have to be prepared to put in blood, sweat, and tears.” Ellen Lupton

After going through this list of best purchases to make in your 20s, what are you going to do about it? Of course, we don’t expect you to do them right at this moment and follow them in order. At least now, you have a better understanding. You know why it’s important to make those purchases as early as now. It will teach you where to make the right investments. This is better than throwing away your hard-earned money. It starts with researching and exploring your options. At least with this article, you have a good idea of where to start. When you’ve done your research, you can already start formulating your goals. See to it that it works out only for you and not other people. Otherwise, you’d get lost along the way. There is no right or wrong formula so it’s up to you.

Think about making the right investments now especially if you are in your 20s. These are very minimal sacrifices and adjustments that will pay off in the end. By spending money on the essentials will leave you more room to save. By saving money, you will put them to good use. Secure them by putting money into well-researched and well-planned investments. Later on, there will be a greater chance that you will be more secured. You can afford that lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. If that’s where your true happiness lies, don’t be afraid to go for it. Looking back, you will be happy why you did it in the first place. Wishing you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” — Carl Jung