5 Tips to Survive the Crypto Bear Market as a Retail Investor

If you’re freaked out by seeing your portfolio in red, here is a quick guide to survive the crypto bear market as a retail investor.

Aditi Singhal
The Dark Side
3 min readJul 10, 2022


If you’re new to the cryptocurrency market, then would be your first bear market. Currently, you’re pulling your hair and thinking of selling out all the stuff and getting out of this asap.

Just Don’t do it!

A bear market is a golden time when you can make a fortune but have to pick quality cryptos/stocks and stay invested in the market.

Cryptocurrency is cyclic. There would be two years of the bull run just after the halving, and then two years of extreme crypto winters, everything starts going down and stop making sense. As a normal retailer investor, you should do the following things to save yourself.

  • Convert your doubtful project into blue chips

The bear market is like a detox for the whole crypto market. The projects with a good team and sustainable business model with higher popularity will survive, or else all the other projects will not be able to make it. It’s the perfect time to swap your doubtful projects into blue chips like BTC/ETH.

  • Cut your losses

A bear market is a great time to visit your portfolio and see overall and individual performance. Particular crypto or stock isn’t performing well compared to others. Sell it off. Most of the cryptos won’t go to the next ATH, remember this, and if there is any negative news about any project, then cut it else, chances are you’ll lose all your capital.

  • DCA (Dollar Cost Average)

The Crypto downturn is ideally the best time to lower your buying price and accumulate a large number of units for the long term. Stacking those small units at a significant support level will make you shine in another phase of the crypto cycle. Try to keep your exposure only to those projects that you trust, or simply do DCA in blue-chip cryptos that have survived at least two cycles.

  • Sell high, buy low.

It is crucial to stay solvent in crypto winters to buy your favorite crypto at a dirt-cheap price. You can easily see a 20% — 25% pump even in a bear market accumulate at strong support levels and sell off at resistance levels. Invest only that amount you’re ready to lose in the short term if that support level breaks. This process might be risky, but you can easily take some profit to buy your next dip.

  • Cut your exposure to high-yield platforms.

Right now, we’re witnessing a domino effect in the whole cryptocurrency market. After the LUNA/UST crash, giant hedge funds and the highest yield promised centralized exchanges to halt their withdrawals. It is high time you should remove all your cryptos from a centralized exchange and transfer them to cold storage so that you won’t lose your funds in any CeFi. Your main goal is to protect your funds rather than to grow your funds in a crypto bear market.

I hope these points will help you make your fortune in crypto winters. Till then, keep the spirit up and see you in the next article.




Aditi Singhal
The Dark Side

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