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As time passes, the general public is becoming more aware and well known about the digital currency or cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology is adopted by growing numbers of businesses and huge brands as a means of payment for products and services every day following the demands of their consumers, bringing cryptocurrency mass adoption closer to existence. It is now just a matter of time before all traders worldwide can accept cryptocurrencies.

Here are some of the companies that accepted cryptocurrency as their payment solutions and marking a significant change in the financial ecosystem:


Back in December 2014, one of the world’s most famous IT companies opened the doors to this bold innovation. It is real, however, that due to high transaction fees, the company made a short pause in January 2018, but in the recent scenario, crypto payments can be made for some of its items only as in the Xbox store.


A press release declaring the news was released in May 2019 by this world’s largest telephone communications company. The combination has made the new installment accessible to every one of its clients with the assistance of the administration BitPay and now authoritatively acknowledges bitcoins.

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This worldwide yacht contract organization began offering a crypto installment alternative to its extravagant clients in June 2018, which turned out to be a successful initiative for the company. After the new installment choice was executed, the number of sanction demands expanded as the newly emerged crypto-millionaires were finally offered an alternative to utilize their advanced digital reserve funds in real life.


One of the greatest US retailers, Overstock has consistently been a sharp spectator of digital innovations. It was one of the first global brands to begin accepting crypto payments back in 2014 as an official means of payment and, interestingly, it still offers its customers different types of cryptocurrencies as an option.


This is another major company that understands the future scope of digital currency and is now accepting cryptocurrency. They also allowed the trading of crypto assets such as Bitcoin for food products.

In summer 2017, this European fast-food delivery firm, which operates across 11 nations, including Germany and the Netherlands, entered the crypto frenzy. As their customers can order their favorite meals through a single gateway and pay with cryptocurrency, the company’s website acts as a one-stop-shop for numerous restaurants.


PayPal has joined the encrypted money business, announcing that its customers would have the choice of using their PayPal accounts to buy and sell Bitcoin and other virtual monetary assets which then can easily be used to buy items from the 26 million PayPal-recognized merchants.


Shopify is one of the well-known businesses with a major change to accept cryptocurrencies as early as 2013, providing consumers with ease of payment to set up their own online shop.

Cryptocurrencies are now globally recognized there is no doubt that it serves some meaningful purposes and is a useful form of payment. Crypto Assets will serve the need for a direct payment commodity that is not intermediated and is proving to withstand mass interest around the world. The larger companies see the potential for cryptocurrencies to prove to be a more convenient means of payment and the big companies will begin adding them to their balance sheets in the near future.



Jd coin
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