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[Clickhouse] Query data directly from CSV without loading to DB

One of the magic of the Clickhouse analytics database is that query/analyse the data directly from a CSV file

Create a basic View

First we’ve to create a basic view of a file. For that we need to have the data types of each column.

CREATE VIEW sales_view AS
'`order_id` Int64, `sales_amt` Float64);

This will create a view in database

Query the view

After this it will act as a normal view. You can query the CSV file through this table view.

SELECT sum(`sales_amt`) from sales_view;

The magic

The magic here is, the data not loaded into the database storage, instead the data persist only in the CSV. Since clickhouse is the analytical database, we can do complex query with low latency.

If the CSV get updated then the data will directly reflect on the query.




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