How To Create An Impressive GitHub Profile README

Martin Sidorov
The Dev Project
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4 min readMar 27, 2022


Photo by Praveen Thirumurugan on Unsplash

What is GitHub profile README?

GitHub shows your profile README at the top of your profile page. You can share information about yourself with the community on GitHub by creating a profile README.

You decide what information to include in your profile README, so you have full control over how you present yourself on GitHub.

My GitHub profile looks this way:

My GitHub profile README

Let’s create your own GitHub profile

First of all, to create a special repository, you will need to have a new repository with the name that matches your GitHub username, so go ahead and create it if you still don’t have it.

Then we will need to create a README file in it with the content you want. I have used some generator that helped me to fast get some readable casual style that looks good. Here it is