The Top 20 Women in the EAST Region

20. Jennie Silva (Belles)
A complete package of an athlete: she has one of the hardest throws, dodges like she has a jet pack on, and is often the best catcher on her team. Only trouble is…all this mostly applies to foam.

19. Kayla McDermott DeLaney (RIT Tigers)
Her primary role is as a catcher and the newly dubbed “presser”, but she is developing her throwing skills to become more rounded as a player. Her dodging and drop catching are improving as well.

18. Sam Girardi (Aftershock/Cryptorchipism)
Sam is mostly an arm, but has made some clutch catches when necessary. She should take another big leap this year adding more to her versatility as shes no stranger to playing all ball styles.

17. Michelle Siegal (Belles)
Steady and consistent player. Her strengths are with grinding it out and having skill with targeting and hitting low-catch zones on her opponent. Her catching continues to improve as well.

16. Beth Somers (Belles)
Quiet and stealthy. You can usually spot her going for snipes on the wings. She’s more of a lone wolf than part of the pack, but it’s usually worth it for the skill she brings to the table.

15. Kari Dalia (Belles)
A serious player willing to risk injury to make the catch. She wants you to throw at her, so she can go for the catch.

14. Florance Zabokritsky
A big catcher, but has an arm when she needs it. Her specialty is foam, but she can play other ball styles giving her more versatility as a player

13. Danielle Zelinsky (Cryptorchipism)
Was on Team USA 3 consecutive years in a row, recently just had her second child, but has one of the best throws of any women. She excels in foam and no-sting.

12. Emily Baumgartner
A great foam player, she represented Team Las Vegas in the 2015 WDBF. She’s got a great throw and can catch with the best of them.

11. Joanne Christian (Belles)
Clutch in those last-one-in moments as she has great instincts and confidence for catches. Dependable team player for the play calling teams, but a surprising star when she can write her own solo script.

10. Tasha Mabin (Team Awesome)
She represented Team USA in the WDBF in 2014, her strengths lie in foam as she is a major threat. She also shines as last-one-in, coming up with big plays to save her teams.

9. Chelsea Conrad (GOAT)
OK in 8.5", her game in no-sting and foam set her apart from the rest as she has a wicked throw and a great dodge. She maybe has the most experience of anyone playing in the East.

8. Mackenzie Riley (Anarchy)
Great instincts for dropping to her knees for a catch. She got her dodgeball start in the Midwest, and then found a home with dodgeball in Boston. This season she debuts with Anarchy, so she’s someone to watch.

7. Kim Wilke (Whiplash/Cryptorchipism)
An on court leader, one of the best catchers in the East, and all around smart player. She was on the East Coast Women’s All-Star team. She has a ton of experience as well.

6. Jenny Hodge (Arkham)
Don’t be fooled by her sweet personality, she’s just lulling you into a false sense of comfort before she catches your out. She is still working on her throw in the women’s game, but you can’t deny her value on the court.

5. Nicole Napoli (Davis/Team Awesome)
Somewhere over the course of the last few years she went from being “the other Team Awesome girl,” to being a powerhouse in her own right. So much so that she earned a spot on the East Coast Women’s All-Star team.

4. Emily Hotz (Davis)
This pump fake pro would be top two if this was rubber 8.5" as she is one of the best catchers in the East. Good at no-sting too, was runner-up to Brittney Massro in the Showdown at Nationals.

3. Amanda Ashley (Davis)
Super dependable for team strategy executions. She’s an on court leader with lots of end of game saves. Her throw is deadly accurate with somewhat surprising power behind it.

2. Megan Fricker (Team Awesome)
Probably the best woman foam player in all of the East, she’s no slouch in 8.5" and no-sting as she can catch well too. But she’s known for her cannon of an arm. Seems to step it up more so when playing guys.

1. Kate Kerins (Davis)
Armed with a mean no-look, she’s effective at backing even dominant west coast teams off the line. Countless clutch catches and leading the east coast all-star team earns her the spot at the top.

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