Why we are building “Zen Space”

Coming inside “Zen Space”
Everyday we find ourselves rushing here and there in this busy city life, we hardly get to know how and when days pass by. Are you cherishing the moments, beautiful experiences that pass by when you are busy planning the future ?
Something struck my mind a few days back…….To make my days meaningful, my friend and I installed a small portable room on our terrace, put some plants inside and started trying the Zen experience. To our surprise, it turned to be a marvellous experience. And we have been doing it regularly since then.

Just a few days back it occurred to us that if everybody could experience it, it would be great. So now we have opened it for everybody to experience

“The best part is it’s free and always will be.” Because we believe everyone deserves some quiet space!

What is it ?

It is basically a 15 min Zen Meditation session all by yourself, followed by a Zen Tea Ceremony.
No need to worry if you are doing this for the first time :) You’ll be guided all along the process.

How to book the experience

Zen space is accessible to the members of “Zen Space” community
To book this experience simply fill a small Google form.

Google form is available in the forum section of the community, here’s the link. You need to sign-up to access the community forum

P.S. : Come with easy-to-move-in clothes, a relaxed frame of mind and a smile! You really need nothing else :-)

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