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[Updated] Expanding Sparkies’ Nest: Launching SparkPoint Discord Community Raffle

Get a chance to win SparkyNFT and SRKb rewards while our community grows!

Over the year, it has become more than just the major launchings and achieving targets but also, a celebration of our small wins with the #SparkyCommunity! With thousands of members inside our official Telegram Community, now we’re starting to grow our family in Discord! To make this journey more exciting yet inclusive, the SparkPoint team come up with a Community Raffle for our Sparkies. This activity is in line with our SparkPoint Community Airdrops and Giveaways this Holidays Season and of course, the reason why we’re doing this is to give back to the community’s support. 🙌

Are you ready to take this challenge, Sparkies? Let’s elaborate on the details and mechanics of our Community Raffle!

How to qualify?

Well, joining this Community Raffle is just easy! You just have to follow some instructions to make sure you’ll be part of the list for the raffle.

The challenge!

Sparkies will invite co-sparkies to join our Discord Server. A raffle draw will be done after we reach the target members of the channel.

Who will win?

We will pick 5 lucky winners every after milestone. We’ll have 5 rounds, aiming to reach 500–7,000 members.

The Top 2 with the most Invites will automatically win. If this happens, there’ll be 3 slots left for the winners.


Raffle Draw will take place one (1) day after the number of members was reached.

The prize scheme

Of course, the most exciting part of this activity — the Prize we’re giving away while the community grows!


  1. You must be a verified member of the SparkPoint Discord Community.
  2. Invite at least 2 users to join the raffle. You may also invite as many as you want! Remember, the top 2 members with the most invites will automatically be selected. 😉
  3. Must generate your own invitation link.

That’s all, Sparkies! I hope that this article will encourage you to take the challenge and be part of our growing family in Discord! Also, we still have other events happening inside our Discord channel, to make sure you’re not missing any of them, keep following us on our social media accounts and announcement channel. ✨

Learn more about SparkPoint and SparkDeFi from the following links:

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