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FlowCom Partners with SparkPoint: FIG Token to be listed on SparkSwap, New Staking options on SparkDeFi

An overview of Flowcom and its arrival on SparkDeFi

SparkPoint sustains to knot the ties with different companies that share the same goals — the mass adoption of technology and giving the community a broader grasp of technology as a catalyst in a digital revolution.

One of the recent projects that recently closed an agreement and partnership with SparkPoint is FlowCom. It is a project that brings free 5G to users. FlowCom draws inspiration from the multi-billion-dollar advertisement industry to design and implement a three-party architecture that aims to bring 5G and satellite internet to the mass:

  • First party: internet users (or surfers) that would like to use 5G or satellite internet connection on the spot.
  • Second-party: 5G-based and/or satellite internet service providers.
  • Third-party: merchants who would like to engage in surfer’s activity and interactions with products or brands of their choice.

Currently, FlowCom is working on the two deployment settings, namely Airport Wifi and Inflight Connection. The ambition is to provide faster speed and wider coverage with 5G, given that there are some limitations of public Wi-Fi — A secure connection on Airports, and an in-flight internet connection freely available to travelers, will be a game-changer!

In addition, during our latest conversation with one of the co-founders of FlowCom, Mr. Wayne Huang, he explained that:

“If you see how Big Tech monetizes its Big Data, users who use a product for free (FB, INSTA) are the product themselves.

FlowCom allows users to share part of the revenue from merchants/advertisers by swapping their points from viewing ads or answering quizzes to free 5G data packets or FiG tokens. All at no cost to the users.

In the FlowCom internal ecosystem, the users form a base for merchants/advertisers to onboard. The fees that advertisers pay essentially also pay for the user’s free data connection.

Being a light Mobile Virtual Network Operator(MVNO), our revenue not only comes from advertising fees but also through ISPs resale channels.”

Now that you already have the idea of FlowCom, we will shortly discuss its FiG token, the token distribution and it’s future with SparkPoint and lastly, the AMA event hosted by SparkPoint.

What is FiG token?

FiG token (0x53fdca9a60c911d4e58759b0ae39a2bf2efef5d4) is the native currency of the FlowCom ecosystem with a total supply of 38.9 million, inhabiting the Binance Smart Chain. They will be minted once and administered by the FiG smart contract.

FiG Token distribution | Source: FlowCom_Lite.pdf

You can purchase the FiG token via their official website or IDO on Binance Smart Chain.

You can read more about the FiG tokens here.

The future of FiG token with SparkPoint

Recently, SparkPoint and Flowcom agreed on a strategic partnership that will bring the FiG BEP-20 token to the SparkDeFi platform and SparkSwap DEX. And just like any project’s goal, this listing will bring liquidity and volume to the FiG token.

To meet this expectations, a Liquidity worth of 30K USD is added to FiG/BNB LP Staking where you can earn SFUEL and 30k USD worth of FiG to Pool-based staking for SRKb to earn FiG token. The Liquidity Pool and Pool based staking is now live on SparkDeFi platform.

Participate in the SRKb-FiG Pool-based staking now and earn FiG!

Participate in the FiG-BNB Liquidity Staking here.

Moreover, part of this strategic partnership was promoting the AMA Session with Flowcom’s co-founder, Mr. Wayne Huang as the guest. It was held last June 26, 2021, and commenced in SparkPoint’s official Telegram Community Channel with thousands of #SparkyCommunity members who participated.

The participants had the chance to get a share of 200 USD worth of FiG allocated for prizes. The session started with an introduction to the guest and a short message from Mr. Wayne. Afterward, participants were given a chance to ask anything and their curiosity led to knowing why Flowcom had chosen the SparkPoint, what are their long-term plans and how its arrival to the SparkDeFi platform will contribute to their project.

There have been a lot of insights shared during the e-meeting with Flowcom but more importantly, the AMA event was a way of letting the #SparkCommunity know that the two projects are agreeing for a better purpose.


“Experience, Innovation, Diversification” — these are the three words that Flowcom used to describe their project’s goal. And they are indeed making it happen, especially with the mass adoption of their services.

SparkPoint is honored to have Flowcom onboard! 🤝 The team will keep on building connections that will take part in the fulfillment of the goal. Ever since the #SparkCommunity has always been the greatest motivation of SparkPoint to continuously deliver the roadmap for a better digital world for everyone. 🚀

There’ll be more upcoming AMA Series for the #SparkCommunity! Looking forward to seeing you there, #Sparkies! Stay tuned for more updates! 🙌

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