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Four E-Learning Platforms for Your Cryptocurrency Knowledge

Educate yourself appropriately as you navigate into the cryptocurrency space.

One of my dilemmas, when I first started my cryptocurrency and blockchain technology venture, was finding reliable information about it on the internet. Since the world wide web hosts multiple resources, it flooded me with numerous websites and platforms about digital assets and financial automation. Talk about information overload!

To save you from the hassle, I listed my four go-to online educational resources that provide cryptocurrency and blockchain technology knowledge for all levels of difficulty.

  1. Coinbase|Learn
Coinbase|Learn is a section of the popular digital currency exchange Coinbase.

Coinbase|Learn offers a simple approach for providing answers to cryptocurrency questions. It has a unit for cryptocurrency basics fit for novices. Also, the platform presents a short overview of ways to limit risks and keep your cryptocurrencies safe.

What I like about Coinbase|Learn is that it is easy to navigate. The fundamental questions about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are answered in a direct-to-the-point manner.

2. Binance Academy

Binance Academy is the educational arm of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume.

Binance Academy is a free resource library. It sorts its content into five categories: blockchain, security, economics, tutorials, and videos.

What I love about Binance Academy is that its content is anchored on deep and original research. Also, it gains another plus for me since you can see the total reading time and it provides audio transcripts for its educational content.

3. Blockgeeks

Blockgeeks also offers free content for blockchain and cryptocurrency basics.

Blockgeeks is a premier source for blockchain and cryptocurrency education. It is a subscription-based e-learning platform that offers innovative online guides breakdown complicated topics like Bitcoin mining, market caps, regulations, and smart contracts.

What I like about Blockgeeks is that it uses the Learn-to-Earn model through its L+Earn Program. As a member, you get to earn Blocks when you complete courses, read guides and ask questions and in return, you can exchange the Blocks for cryptocurrency, special discounts, and other member perks.

4. Tokentuber

Tokentuber rewards users with tokens when they answer quizzes.

Tokentuber is a video streaming platform making a concerted effort to better educate its audience on all things cryptocurrency.

What I like with Tokentuber is that its video content comes from original content creators from Youtube which covers different topics in blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency may sound scary and hard to understand but with the help of the educational resources listed above, whether you are an enthusiast or a beginner, you can fill in any knowledge gaps about it. The cryptocurrency space is a vast place and it won’t hurt to arm yourself with knowledge in your exploration.



The e-learning platform of the SparkPoint ecosystem

If you are new to the crypto space and you want to learn the basics about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology then you have to check out SparkLearn.

It is an online educational learning platform focused not only on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency but on financial literacy as well. You can access the SparkLearn platform by creating a SparkEarn account which is also useful in obtaining cryptocurrency rewards.




Be updated with the latest developments about SparkPoint. The project that aims to fast track mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency through an ecosystem of practical products and services.

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