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Happy 3rd Anniversary, SparkPoint!

Read our message to every Sparky celebrating with us today.

Three years ago, the #SparkPoint project was launched. It was envisioned to fast-track the mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency through an ecosystem of practical products and services.

Fast forward, three years later, here we are. Celebrating three fruitful years of staying true to our vision and goal. 🎂3️⃣🥳

Since SparkPoint began, we’ve celebrated many milestones, like the launch of new products and services, the arrival of new members, new friends, and partnerships that widen our reach and presence in the industry. But it wasn’t just sunshine in the past years. The team too has experienced its low points, long rains that challenged our work and deliverables, hindering us from achieving our goals. But we made it through everything.

“A bigger, bolder SparkPoint.” This mantra has become our motivation for pulling off ambitious projects in our lineup of products and services. Now, as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we’re adding another characteristic to continue our momentum. “Bigger, bolder, stronger SparkPoint.” We’ll be stronger as we fortify the foundation that we’ve laid in our core products and services.

Our momentum won’t continue if we’re not for you, our dearest #Sparkies around the world. The community’s continuous support has sustained our progress in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, right from the start. A simple thanks won’t suffice to the gravity of support that you have poured into us. We’ll keep moving forward, soar higher and slay every milestone. That’s how we will thank you, our dear Sparkies.

But still, our sincerest gratitude from all of us in SparkPoint.

To more years to come! 🥂 A happy 3rd anniversary to every Sparky around the world. We’re excited about what will come next to you and SparkPoint.

Let’s keep on #BUIDLing, #Sparkies! 🛠️

#SparkPointAt3 #BUIDL #ToTheMoon ✨🚀🌕

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