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How To Bridge Tokens in the New SparkBridge Interface

Learn the step-by-step process of bridging SRK from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain on the new SparkBridge dapp

The refreshed interface of SparkBridge decentralized app (dapp) is now live. Let me give you a short walkthrough and show the step-by-step process of bridging tokens.

But before we proceed to the tutorial, let’s know first what a blockchain bridge is.

What is a blockchain bridge?

A blockchain bridge allows the conversion of tokens between two blockchain networks. In the case of SRK, an ERC20 token in Ethereum, when you use a blockchain bridge such as SparkBridge you can now convert SRK (ERC-20) to a BEP20 token in Binance Smart Chain called SRKb or vice versa.

In SRK token’s case, it was initially issued on the Ethereum network (thus, the ERC-20 standard) and when you use SparkBridge, the team’s blockchain bridge app, you can convert it to SRKb BEP-20 token, issued in the Binance Smart Chain. The bridge can convert it back and forth.

The use of blockchain bridge resolves the issue of lack of interoperability between two different blockchain ecosystems.

And that’s the simplest explanation of how blockchain bridge works. Now, let’s proceed to the tutorial on how to use SparkBridge.

Step 1: Go to the SparkDeFi website

Open your internet browser. Go to the SparkDeFi website. Make sure that the URL is

In the upper right-hand corner, click the LAUNCH STAKING APP button.

Once you have accessed the web app, choose Bridge to start converting your SRK token from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain or vice versa. But in my case, I’m going to convert my SRKb tokens (Binance Smart Chain version) to SRK ERC-20.

Note: You can also directly go to this address: This will direct you to SparkBridge dapp already.

Step 2: Connect your Wallet

Next, you have to connect your MetaMask wallet.

Make sure that your wallet is set to the right network. If you wish to bridge your SRK ERC-20 to SRKb BEP-20 then you must set the wallet to Ethereum Mainnet or if you want to do it the other way, SRKb to SRK, it must be in Binance Smart Chain network.

Step 3: Start Bridging

You can now convert your SRK ERC-20 to SRKb BEP-20 or vice versa. For this tutorial, I’ll be converting 50,000 SRKb BEP-20 tokens. In return, I’ll be getting 30,000 SRK ERC-20 tokens.

Note: The minimum amount of tokens you can bridge is 50,000 SRK/SRKb

After supplying the amount you want to convert, click the Enable Bridge button.

Your MetaMask wallet will appear in another window to confirm the transaction. Always make sure that you have enough ETH or BNB to cover the transaction fee. Click the Confirm button.

When the transaction has been approved, you can now click the Transfer button in SparkBridge.

50,000 SRKb is equivalent to 30,000 SRK (ERC-20)

Another wallet confirmation will appear. Click Confirm button.

Once you’ve successfully transferred your tokens, open your wallet to check your received SRKb tokens.

If you want to convert your SRK ERC-20 tokens to SRKb BEP-20 tokens then just apply the same bridging process in SparkBridge but you should be starting off in the Ethereum Mainnet.


I hope this tutorial helps you in making your bridging experience in the new SparkBridge Interface faster and easier. Also, please ensure that you have added the token contract address of SRKb BEP-20 (0xc3440c10c4f36f354eb591b19fafb4906d449b75) or SRK (0x0488401c3f535193fa8df029d9ffe615a06e74e6) in your Metamask wallet.

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