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How To Convert SRK (ERC-20) to SRKb (BEP-20) Using SparkBridge

Learn the step-by-step process of using SparkBridge

What is a blockchain bridge?

A blockchain bridge allows the conversion of tokens between two blockchain networks. In the case of SRK an ERC20 token in Ethereum, when you use a blockchain bridge such as SparkBridge you can now convert SRK (ERC-20) to a BEP20 token in Binance Smart Chain called SRKb.

Step 1: Go to the SparkDeFi website

Open your internet browser. Go to the SparkDeFi website. Make sure that the URL is

Step 2: Connect your Wallet

Next, you have to connect your MetaMask wallet.

Step 3: Start Bridging

Once you have successfully connected your MetaMask wallet, you can now convert your SRK (ERC-20) to SRKb (BEP-20). For this tutorial, I’ll be converting 5,000 SRK (ERC-20) tokens. In return, I’ll be getting 4,995 SRKb (BEP-20) tokens.


I hope this tutorial helps you in making your bridging experience in SparkBridge easier. Also, please ensure that you have added the token contract address of SRKb: 0xc3440c10c4f36f354eb591b19fafb4906d449b75 in your Metamask wallet.



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