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Introducing Sparky VIP Badge NFT

Unlocking more of the SparkPoint Ecosystem’s dapps through exclusive NFTs.

The Year 2021 marks the year of non-fungible tokens or NFTs, and it made waves in all corners of the blockchain world. It made a breakthrough in several aspects of many people’s lives, especially in how individuals deal with their art, multimedia businesses, online gaming, and even memes on the internet. NFT has quickly evolved into something more usable for most, assigning various utilities on the NFT they’re minting and releasing to the mass.

SparkPoint already has a long history with NFT. From experimenting on NFTs through Crypto Slicer game to advising and collaborating with a local tech startup with NFTs as a core product, to co-developing an upcoming play-to-earn NFT game and launching its cute NFT collection. The team isn’t a stranger in the booming world of NFT. Just last October 2021, SparkPoint launched its own NFT platform, SparkNFT, under the banner of SparkDeFi, the company’s decentralized finance platform (DeFi). The NFT platform is still in its infancy, but the community can now start minting their NFT as the feature is already made available a month after. SparkPoint has also recently released its first-ever collection of SparkyNFTs called “The Vulpes Gang”, minted in-house in the SparkNFT decentralized app (dapp) and was listed on NFTrade. More collections are coming, of course, slated to be released in the coming quarters.

➡️ View The Vulpes Gang Collection here.

But SparkPoint’s venture into the NFT world doesn’t stop there. This time, utility-based NFTs will be seeing light very soon and will be part of the SparkPoint Ecosystem.

The Sparky VIP Badge NFT

In November 2021, SparkPoint and its global venture arm, SparkPoint Global Ventures (SGV), has launched an exclusive community for Sparkies (the official name of the team’s loyal supporters), called the Sparky VIP Club. It is the company’s club that offers exclusive membership perks for SRK holders. The club is set to reward SRK holders exclusive access to private pre-sales or seed rounds through SGV’s network of portfolio projects and partners. And here comes their tokenized badge as a symbol of honor for our dearest members, the Sparky VIP Badge dubbed as Orgullo.

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The Sparky VIP Club NFT: Orgullo Badge

Orgullo Badge

Orgullo (pronounces as or-gul-yo in Bicol language) is a Spanish word for Pride. The Orgullo badge is given to our VIPs as a sign of their loyalty and pride for being one of the biggest holders of SRK in the form of an NFT. And these aren’t just some ordinary NFT badge. The following features and utilities will be associated with the NFT:

  • it will serve as a multiplier of allocation for exclusive private sales through Sparky VIP Club, and IDO launchpad sales;
  • can be used soon on upcoming features and dapps of SparkNFT platform, like NFT staking, farming, etc.;
  • exclusive promos and discounts on transaction fees on SparkSwap and SparkBridge.

There will be separate announcements on how the Orgullo Badge will be used specifically on the mentioned platforms, and on exclusive promos and discounts so make sure you follow all the news on our official channels.

NFT Specification:
Maximum QTY to be minted: 1,000
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Contract Address: 0x04d0D306622B22891D6dE8E8923866e934F4Bc70

The Orgullo Badge will be free of charge for those Sparky VIP Club members who have successfully applied on or before February 20, 2021. Members can just go to and click the “Mint Sparky VIP Badge.” The dapp won’t ask for any transaction fee as the addresses of those members who have successfully applied before February 20 have already been whitelisted.

Some FAQs:

  1. I’m not a member of the Sparky VIP Club, can I still avail the Orgullo Badge and use its features in the SparkPoint Ecosystem?
    ➡️ Yes. But you have to pay 150,000 SRKb fee to mint it. But its features will only take effect if you join the Sparky VIP Club. So if you’re not a member of the club, then you’ll not be able to maximize all its perks and utilities.
  2. I’m a member of the Sparky VIP Club but it says in SparkNFT that I have to pay the 150,000 SRKb fee. What should I do?
    ➡️Please contact Mr. Karan Sharma ( on Telegram so we can check if your address is in our list of members. Once verified, and found out that you are a member, we’ll airdrop you the NFT. Easy as that.
  3. I’m a member of the Sparky VIP Club but I don’t like to use the Orgullo Badge, is it possible?
    ➡️No. It’s a special NFT with brilliant perks. We’ll be setting up our platforms in the future to automatically detect and recognize the NFT in the address that you’ll be using to transact, so the effect is inevitable.
  4. Can I obtain multiple Orgullo Badge?
    ➡️No. you can only mint it once with a single address.

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