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Introducing Sparky VIP Badge NFT

Unlocking more of the SparkPoint Ecosystem’s dapps through exclusive NFTs.

The Sparky VIP Badge NFT

The Sparky VIP Club NFT: Orgullo Badge

Orgullo Badge

  • it will serve as a multiplier of allocation for exclusive private sales through Sparky VIP Club, and IDO launchpad sales;
  • can be used soon on upcoming features and dapps of SparkNFT platform, like NFT staking, farming, etc.;
  • exclusive promos and discounts on transaction fees on SparkSwap and SparkBridge.
  1. I’m not a member of the Sparky VIP Club, can I still avail the Orgullo Badge and use its features in the SparkPoint Ecosystem?
    ➡️ Yes. But you have to pay 150,000 SRKb fee to mint it. But its features will only take effect if you join the Sparky VIP Club. So if you’re not a member of the club, then you’ll not be able to maximize all its perks and utilities.
  2. I’m a member of the Sparky VIP Club but it says in SparkNFT that I have to pay the 150,000 SRKb fee. What should I do?
    ➡️Please contact Mr. Karan Sharma ( on Telegram so we can check if your address is in our list of members. Once verified, and found out that you are a member, we’ll airdrop you the NFT. Easy as that.
  3. I’m a member of the Sparky VIP Club but I don’t like to use the Orgullo Badge, is it possible?
    ➡️No. It’s a special NFT with brilliant perks. We’ll be setting up our platforms in the future to automatically detect and recognize the NFT in the address that you’ll be using to transact, so the effect is inevitable.
  4. Can I obtain multiple Orgullo Badge?
    ➡️No. you can only mint it once with a single address.



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