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SparkPoint and Aircoins AMA Session: The Recap

Familiarizing the Augmented Reality App with #Sparkies.

The Recap


“Aircoins brings a different experience than other big brand AR apps. We have a unique community with AR, geolocation and blockchain. We hope to expand to more brands outside of AR.”

“Emal: Aircoins aims to bring adoption to crypto through a fun Augmented Reality treasure hunt where anyone can participate. Accessing blockchain wallets and exchanges can be tricky so we try to make it easy for anyone to get into crypto and earn Aircoins or SRK. If you played Pokemon Go, you can play Aircoins and collect crypto. Aircoins did not have an ICO so Aircoins is community driven. Our goal is to get Aircoins to as many people in the world as possible.”

“Emal: Aircoins is the largest crypto AR app for the past three years. So when you hold AIRx you are holding a potential for a much bigger ecosystem for the future. The capabilities of Aircoins are endless so we expect our Aircoins players to create their own virtual experiences. We are always concerned with security and we come from a security background so we follow industry standards. Our Ethereum chain and app has been live for 3 years. “

“Aircoins team does a lot of research and development with new technologies. We were minting NFTs in 2017. In Aircoins app we have had collectibles since 2018 and will record these on the blockchain as collectibles NFTs and be able to withdraw and trade them on an NFT platform.”



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