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SparkPoint and Popsicle Games Volt In: Partnership forged for SparkPlay’s next crypto game

The two homegrown companies share their vision for the partnership.

Getting candid with SparkPoint and Popsicle Games

About Pixelkit Inc. and Popsicle Games

Pixelkit, Inc. was incorporated in September 2013 by James Chua and Jed R. Cruz and began operations by offering web and app development services for businesses and single clients. This eventually led to two key shifts in the company’s direction: first, towards developing specifically games for brand marketing in mid-2014, and then a second, more far-reaching shift towards developing original games in mid-2015.

About SparkPoint and SparkPlay

SparkPoint, or officially, SparkPoint Technologies Inc., is a duly SEC-registered corporation in the Philippines. The project was launched on October 5, 2018 and is one of the pioneer cryptocurrency startups in the Philippines. The project aims to fast-track mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency through an ecosystem of practical products and services.



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