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SparkPoint and WAM Partnership

The WAM token is now listed on SparkPoint Wallet App

Do you like hyper casual games? What if there’s a platform that makes it simple for you to earn rewards? In this article we’ll see how WAM Project, one of our newest partners, made their play-to-earn platform unique.

Play-to-earn platform (aka P2E) is an emerging niche. Its enormous growth attracts more people to invest and be part of the so called cryptoworld and metaverse. By playing P2E games, you can earn rewards in crypto and NFTs! Sometimes playing while earning could be tricky, but until we’ve been introduced to WAM platform.

About the Strategic Partnership

On March 2022, SparkPoint officially announced its forged partnership with WAM, a platform where people compete in tournaments to win crypto rewards in $WAM and NFTs. WAM is known for its first hyper-casual play-to-earn gaming platform.

WAM token integration on SparkPoint Wallet App

This partnership brings the $WAM coin to SparkPoint Wallet App. WAM holders and supporters, can now send, receive, and exchange the said coin in a trustless manner. With high-level privacy, users can store their WAM tokens securely. Aside from these, the integration would offer lots of other potential use-cases for the coin, considering that most players use mobile app to join the tournaments.

Download SparkPoint Wallet here to access this feature.

About WAM

The Ecosystem
WAM Ecosystem is composed of four main products and services:

a. Play to Earn
The simplest way to make money on WAM is to join the tournaments of the games you prefer. Each tournament has an entrance fee and lasts between 12 hours and 120 hours, giving everyone fair chances to advance on the leaderboard. Learn more here.

b. Own to Earn
On WAM you will be able to own a game, avatars, nicknames and more. For example, the NFT game owner will then be able to generate recurring revenue from the tournaments made on that game, from the fees that are being paid by users!

c. Develop to Earn
A new age of game publishing begins with WAM where indie game developers can publish their games and get WAM users to generate revenue for that developer from the tournaments being created from the published games. A developers will also be able to sell tokenized versions of the published games, as NFTs, partially or fully to their fan base. This ensures the developer of initial revenue, then incentivizes the community to further support their favorite game creators.

Using the launchpad format, developers will also be able to reach out to their fan base with new title proposals and raise funds for it, using $WAM.

d. Promote to Earn

Being a marketer in Web3 reality will change dramatically. Permissionless promotion of products and services are the future and WAM is leading the way.

Marketers will be able to promote individual tournaments or the entire WAM platform by sending traffic and converting the sent users into active members of the WAM community. Each conversion and revenue will be settled by smart contracts, meaning everyone in the world will be able to make money by promoting WAM.

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