Sparkpoint Ecosystem, why?

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3 min readJan 22, 2019


Hi guys!

To continue introducing the SparkPoint Ecosystem platforms, I made this blog not to answer the “What?”, but to answer the “Why?”

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As I have mentioned in the first article, SparkPoint Ecosystem has four different platforms, in this blog I will be discussing the last two platforms of the Ecosystem.

So what is the question here? During the introduction of our concept to various Blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, they asked us why do we have four platforms and why these platforms.

So, just a simple explanation on why do we have four platforms is the Law of Demand and Supply. A virtual currency with no use has no value. It may have a value at first, but with no demand and an oversupply, the VC’s price will have to choice but fall. And as to why we choose these platforms, let me give you an idea.

We all know that online shopping is a having a very big leap during the past few years with an increasing demand and total sales every year. Being a very good market opportunity, we decided to put up a Blockchain-based marketplace to address the low demand on virtual currencies and also create a demand for our SparkPoint Token (SPRK). With SparkPlace, people can sell, purchase or rent myriad number of products and services including but not limited to electronic gadgets and equipment, home decorations, daily shopping needs, professional services like photography, videography and information technology needs and transient and space for rent or for lease.

The main payment option for SparkPlace is SPRK and soon, fiat currencies like USD and PHP will be accepted including other major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and XRP. The SparkPlace will also help to lessen the cost of the said products and services by removing intermediaries for the listing and payment services.

Just imagine, you can now buy mobile phones and computers and use your VC’s for payment or accept VC’s for your services rendered. That is a bright future ahead of us.

And while concentrating on making sure that SPRK demand will not fall, we have also taken advantage of the various problems with existing gaming application for mobile phones. Maybe not all of them requires or offers in-app purchases, but let’s be real, every time that your purchase gems, diamonds, coins or chips in the game using your real money, you will not be getting anything in return.

So having this personal experience of our generation, spending hundreds to thousands of dollars just to play higher stakes on mobile poker games, buying more diamonds to get character skin or skills that we want, we’ve come up to an idea of launching a crypto-based gaming and application store which will be known as SparkPlay.


With SparkPlay, users will be paying SPRK to get premium application access and to proceed with in-app purchases like diamonds, chips and game coins to have a higher level, and more challenge in the game. If you think that this is just same with other games, you are wrong. While playing games or using applications in the SparkPlay platform, completing a mission, and reaching a higher level, you will be rewarded in form of game credits which can later be converted to SPRK, which you can use to send VC’s to friends and family, to participate in the trade and convert it to fiat, and have a return of your investment. A reward that has a real world value.

And those are the four platforms of SparkPoint Ecosystem but wait, there’s one more question. Why should you use SparkPoint Ecosystem?

Aside from the features and benefits that have been mentioned within the first and this article, I want to mention that ALL transactions, achievements and contribution to the SparkPoint Ecosystem or the community will be rewarded and recognized. Again, a reward that has real-world value.

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Kim Gamora

SparkPoint Ecosystem, Chief Marketing Officer