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SparkPoint Updates #28: January 2022

#Sparkling the New Year with major updates and endless #BUIDLing!

Welcome to the Year of the Water Tiger, folks! But we can’t go past January without sharing our first list of Updates and Accomplishments this 2022. January is a month of beginnings and transformations, but to #SparkPoint, it’s another month of continuous developments, launchings, and #BUIDLing. We’ve opened new pools, SparkPoint Wallet update, a refreshment for our SparkBridge Interface, and supported rewarding events that will benefit users because we all deserve a #Sparkling New Year! 🚀✨

Let’s add more sparkles to your month as we present the highlights that made our January. 🥳

Here is a recap of the milestones we had in January!


  1. New OWN-SFUEL Pool opened in SparkPool
  2. SRKb and SFUEL Pools and Farms has been renewed
  3. TIPSY-BNB Farm renewed
  4. SparkPoint’s Week-long Trading Carnival on KuCoin Exchange: 16M SRK has been distributed!
  5. The Sparky Giveaway winners was announced
  6. SparkPoint Wallet updated to Version 8.0.0 for both Android and iOS devices
  7. SFUEL tokens now supported in ChangeNOW and Swapzone
  8. SparkBridge Update: Refreshed UI/UX
  9. The Vulpes Gang Collection: 61 vulpes sold
  10. The #SparkyCommunity Airdrops and Giveaways resumes
  11. SparkLearn EdTech released an early preview of their website

1. New OWN-SFUEL Pool opened in SparkPool

We started the month with a new pool. Ownly fans and Sparkies, you can now stake your OWN tokens and get SFUEL tokens as rewards!

Stake your tokens now at SparkPool.

2. SRKb and SFUEL Pools and Farms has been renewed

More ways of earning SRKb or SFUEL rewards!

On January 11, the SRKb-SRKb and SFUEL-SFUEL Pools got renewed while the SRKb-BNB and SFUEL-BNB Farms went live the next day, January 12, 2022.

Participate in the SRKb and SFUEL Pools now.

Add Liquidity to SRKb-BNB or SFUEL-BNB pair and Stake your Spark-LP tokens here to earn!

3. TIPSY Farm renewed

Aside from the SRKb and SFUEL Farms, the TIPSY-BNB Farm has been renewed in SparkPool Farms! By adding liquidity to this pair and staking your TIPSY-BNB Spark-LP tokens, you’ll gain TIPSY token bonuses.

Participate now while it lasts!

4. SparkPoint’s Week-long Trading Carnival on KuCoin Exchange: 16M SRK to be distributed

A prize pool of 16,000,000 SRK has been allocated and distributed to support the week-long trading carnival on KuCoin Exchange! This is to give back to all supporters and qualified KuCoin users.

The campaign began on January 14, 11:00:00, and concluded last January 21, 2022, at 11:00:00 UTC.

Read the details of the event here.

5. The Sparky Giveaway winners were announced

On January 20, Sparky officially revealed the three lucky prize winners from the draw! Each winner will receive SRKb rewards as promised.

This community giveaway is part of the past Holidays Special Giveaway by Sparky.

Congratulations to all the winners! If you’re one of them and haven’t claimed the prize yet, kindly message Sparky on Twitter!

6. SparkPoint Wallet updated to Version 8.0.0 for both Android and iOS devices

The Version 8.0.0 for SparkPoint Wallet app rolled out last January 17! The Android and iOS versions now share almost the same codebase, which enables us to build quick updates simultaneously on both platforms. Of course, the update brings a huge performance boost and optimization, major security and UI advancements, and bug fixes.

Experience a swifter and more secure wallet and maximize all the features inside!

It’s now available on App Store and Google Play! Update now.

7. SFUEL tokens now available on ChangeNOW and Swapzone

SFUEL is now listed on the built-in ChangeNOW Exchange in SparkPoint Wallet App! Swap your top cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and USDT to SFUEL tokens instantly and store them safely in the wallet.

Available to both iOS and Android devices. Try now!

Another exchange that newly supports SFUEL is the Swapzone! They offer options to trade your tokens quickly and with the best rates. Also, transactions in Swapzone are KYC-less.

Go now to Swapzone and get SFUEL.

8. SparkBridge Update: Refreshed UI/UX

After months of waiting, the refreshed SparkBridge DApp is ready! Bridge your SRK-ERC20 to SRKb (BEP-20) tokens and vice versa in the fresh and prompter interface of SparkBridge.

Check out the fresh look and bridge your tokens!

9. The Vulpes Gang Collection: 61 vulpes already sold

It’s been a month since the first Sparky NFT Collection got verified on NFTrade marketplace and now, we are thrilled to know that as of writing, 61 vulpes have been sold already! That’s more than half of the 100-piece “The Vulpes Gang Collection”.

The gang is waiting for you! Grab yours now.

10. The SparkyCommunity Rewarding Activities will resume

The fun games and rewarding activities won’t stop!

We officially informed last January 28 that our #SparkyCommunity giveaways will resume through hosting various activities inside our Discord channel!

The first game night will start on Feb 5 onwards!

However, the Discord Community Raffle is still ongoing! We are striving to increase the number of our Discord members while giving bounties in return.

While waiting till the game night, co-invite friends now and have the chance to qualify for the raffle. Read the mechanics of the Discord Community Raffle here.

Join our Discord now and stay tuned for more updates!

11. SparkLearn EdTech released an early preview of their website

SparkLearn EdTech Inc. is a Philippine SEC-registered educational technology startup company that focuses on educating the community about blockchain technology.

On January 31, 2022, the company released its early preview for its MOOC web app called SparkLearn EdTech.

The online platform used to be a former product under SparkPoint’s Ecosystem. It is a separate business entity with its own management team to focus solely on blockchain technology and educational technology.

SparkPoint Technologies Inc. takes pride in this kind of endeavor. Congratulations, SparkLearn EdTech Team!

Have you visited the website already? Take a quick look now.

That’s it for the first month of our #Sparkling New Year! We underwent highs and lows, but the team will always manage to keep up through continuous efforts in developing and enhancing our products and services and have a greater push to deliver what we commit. Thank you, Sparkies! #WAGMI 🤗🚀

Let’s welcome February with strength and positive minds! 🐯🎇

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