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SparkPoint Updates #30: March 2022

A month warmed up and filled with the biggest headlines!

When we say March is one of the hottest months for SparkPoint, it is! Because aside from the fact that it’s the start of the summer season here in the Philippines, the biggest targets for March got us like scorching under the heat of a blazing sun. To name a few, these include new partnerships, products improvements, the early preview of the new SparkPoint Website, of course, the Q1 SFUEL Airdrop and Buy Back and Burn Event! 🔥🔥Everyone and everything was on fire, but certainly, it’s another month filled with good headlines, which will be presented in this article.

Let’s turn up the heat once again as we give you the hottest updates and accomplishments that made our March!

Here’s the recap of March’ highlights!


  1. SparkPoint partnered with WAM
  2. SparkLearn BDB 1st Cohort Closing Program took place
  3. WAM Coin listed on SparkPoint Wallet App
  4. New version for the SparkPoint wallet, released
  5. KGO Pool went live! Stake KGO earn WBNB
  6. SparkPoint Website, Early Preview launch
  7. Q1 SFUEL Airdrop done, Self-Claim mechanism got activated
  8. Q1 Buy Back and Burn event: 111.5+ Million SRK Tokens burned
  9. Blockchain Tech course by SparkLearn EdTech team, now available for free
  1. SparkPoint partnered with WAM

WAM is now part of SparkPoint’s growing list of partners! On March 6, the strategic partnership with them got officially announced.

WAM is a platform where people compete in tournaments to win crypto rewards in $WAM and #NFTs.

Soon, we will disclose the things in store for this new partnership. In the meantime, you can visit their website and explore their games!

2. SparkLearn BDB 1st Cohort Closing Program took place

SparkLearn EdTech team finally capped off the 1st cohort of SparkLearn Blockchain Developers Bootcamp. The closing Program for the completers took place last March 10, 2022.

Mentors and completers have also received their NFT Certificates and Badges to commend their efforts and dedication to finishing the BDB Program.

SparkPoint congratulates all the BDB completers and mentors! 🎓

Watch out for the next BDB Program this year. You may also check SparkLearn’s Web App to access their free courses.

3. WAM Coin now supported on SparkPoint Wallet App

As part of the newly forged partnership between SparkPoint and WAM, the listing of $WAM coin on the SparkPoint Wallet App came next to support and strengthen the collaboration. This integration allows all WAM supporters or holders to send, receive and store tokens in the wallet app with confidence because of the app’s high level of security and privacy.

Use the wallet app now to try this feature. Available on both iOS and Android devices.

4. New version for the SparkPoint Wallet, released

SparkPoint Wallet v.8.1.1 is live! The latest version brings new functionalities to the app, like sending & receiving NFTs, alongside performance boosts and optimizations.

Download the latest version on your iOS or Android devices.

5. KGO Pool went live! Stake KGO earn WBNB

A new pool from Kiwigo has arrived on SparkPool. Users can now stake their KGO tokens and will earn WBNB tokens in return.

On a side note, Kiwigo Project is one of SparkPoint’s partners who have already launched some pools before on SparkDeFi’s staking platform.

Don’t miss out on this pool! Stake KGO to earn extra WBNB tokens.

You can also start adding liquidity to this pair.

6. SparkPoint Website, Early Preview launch

One of the biggest highlights is the launching of the new SparkPoint Website!

An early preview of the website got released on March 30, and some pages are available for viewing. The team aims to show off a new look, functionalities, and better experience to the Sparkies as they navigate inside the website. 🚀

Just a reminder, everything is still a work in progress, and you might encounter some bugs and errors. The team behind this project continues to build and improve the website. Stay tuned for the next launch!

Explore the early preview here.

7. Q1 SFUEL Airdrop done, Self-Claim mechanism got activated

Quarterly SFUEL Airdrop will always be one of the most awaited events! And we’re just done with the Q1 SFUEL Airdrop.

The snapshot happened on March 25 at 12:00 AM UTC. Qualified SRK/SRKb holders, stakers, and liquidity providers shall receive 1 SFUEL per 1,790.45 SRK/SRKb while the Self-claiming mechanism went live on March 31.

Have you claimed your SFUEL rewards already? Claim now.

More information about SFUEL Airdrop is here.

8. Q1 Buy Back and Burn event: 111.5+ Million SRK Tokens burned

On March 30, we conducted the very first Buy Back and Burn (BBnB) or #SRKBBnB for 2022. The successful event resulted in 111.5+ Million SRK tokens burned and removed from the current total supply, valued at $160,800+.

This quarter’s #SRKBBnB narrowed down the total supply to 13.4 Billion. SparkPoint will continue doing the #SRKBBnB until the token supply reduces to 10B. The next buy back and burn is slated at the end of June 2022.

Check out the proof of transactions.

Learn more about the journey to the 10B goal of #SRKBBnB.

9. Blockchain Tech course by SparkLearn EdTech team, now available for free

SparkLearn EdTech team started offering their Blockchain Tech course called “What is Blockchain Technology?” for free on their web app.

Taking this course will help you understand the basics of Blockchain Technology, and the team exerted their best efforts to present each topic in a modern and engaging way!

As you all know, SparkLearn is a former product under the SparkPoint Ecosystem, the team behind the successful Blockchain Developers Bootcamp Program, 1st cohort.

SparkPoint, being one of the partners of SparkLearn EdTech, will continue to support the team and its goal of educating the community with Blockchain Technology.

Your first steps matter, enroll now!

We just wrapped up another month, Sparkies! And we appreciate all our supporters who are still holding on with us. 🙌 SparkPoint team will continue building, as cliché as it may sound already, but that’s just the way it is because we are here for the long term! 🚀

Now, this short recap completes the month of March. We are ready to break our legs again this April! ✨

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