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SparkPoint Updates #33: July 2022

Expanding the horizons in SparkPoint!

July was about setting bigger goals and remaining strong! ICYMI: We’ve announced last July 6 that we’re expanding our horizons in SparkPoint by rendering greater focus to what matters most — to keep BUIDLing and take bigger steps towards that goal, that’s why we’ve decided to transition into setting quarterly targets instead of doing it monthly.

However, despite these changes, we will continue giving you monthly updates for full transparency and to show the community that the team has always been competitive when it comes to delivering targets. Be it in a monthly or quarterly-basis of targets, we’ll always deliver the latest news, updates and what we have accomplished through all our official channels.

Now, join us as we share to you the updates from last month!

Here’s the summary of our July Accomplishments:


  1. SparkPoint released the targets for Q3!
  2. SparkEarn Bounty went live!
  3. SparkPoint Wallet got updated to Version 10.1, Polygon NFTs are now supported
  4. SparkPoint CMO joined the Bitcoin, Beers, and Bitstories Meetup
  5. Ongoing Development for SparkTech Services Website
  6. SparkPoint and SparkLearn EdTech Team will attend the TOKEN2049 in Singapore
  7. SparkLearn EdTech offers various promo and a scholarship!

1. SparkPoint released the targets for Q3

Our set of targets for thee Q3

As already said, the team is transitioning to releasing quarterly targets instead of monthly.

SparkPoint will mold bigger goals to expand our range, consistently develop our ecosystem of products and services, tap a wider scale market, and give more valuable results that will impact the community. With a laser focus, the team will continue to BUIDL.

2. SparkEarn Bounty Airdrop went live!

Self-claiming of SparkEarn Bounty Airdrop is now active. All the participants from last year may now finally self-claim their earned rewards via SparkRewards page!

Please be informed that submission of entries for the bounties is no longer allowed since December 2021. But we’re preparing new rewarding activities for you so make sure you follow us on our social media accounts to stay updated.

Visit the SparkRewards page and see if you got pending rewards to claim!

3. SparkPoint Wallet got updated to Version 10.1, Polygon NFTs are now supported!

Have you heard about our wallet’s new utilities yet? The latest version, 10.1 for SparkPoint Wallet is now available! Users can already send and receive NFTs over Polygon. Also, a new DEX called QuickSwap is now accessible via WalletConnect in the app!

QuickSwap is a DEX built on top of the Polygon Network where gas
(ETH) fees are lesser, and transactions are faster.

Download the app now to try these new features!
➡️ For Android:
➡️ For iOS:

4. SparkPoint CMO joined the Bitcoin, Beer, and Bitstories MeetUp

SparkPoint CMO, Drei Bongalos attended the recent Bitcoin, Beers, and Bitstories MeetUp last July 28.

It is a monthly WEB3 Community meetup where all invited startup members get the chance to introduce their projects and meet like-minded people.

Let’s get a glimpse of what happened during that night. Read the full story here.

5. Ongoing Development for SparkTech Services Website

It’s been a few months since SparkPoint officially announced the launch of its newest services, the SparkTech Development Services. In July, the team started developing the SparkTech website to give better experience for prospect clients or anyone who are curious about what we offer. Soon, the SparkTech team will finally open it to the public once it’s done.

SparkTech offers blockchain-based software solutions to help different projects transform their businesses and leverage blockchain technology.

Here are the services currently being offered under SparkTech:

  • Smart Contracts Development
  • Frontend and Backend Development for Decentralized Platforms
  • Game Development

…and more services will open soon!

If you plan on doing business with us, send an inquiry via our official form or contact us thru email.

6. SparkPoint and SparkLearn EdTech Team will attend the TOKEN2049 in Singapore

TOKEN 2049 is an event held annually in Singapore and London. And we’re thrilled to announce that our team of executives will be there to meet other founders and executives together with our EdTech arm, SparkLearn EdTech executives!

TOKEN2049 is an event where all thought leaders from web3 companies unite, share perspectives, and pitch their projects to the community.

We are excited to be part of this two-day event on September 28–29, 2022. It will be participated by 150+ speakers, 150+ exhibitors and 3,000+ attendees. Quite sure, this event will be a huge opportunity to connect with a new network that can be also our future partners!

Here are our attendees for the TOKEN2049:

  • Andy Agnas, CEO of SparkPoint Technologies Inc.
  • Tin Ibañez, COO of SparkPoint Technologies Inc.
  • Drei Bongalos, CMO of SparkPoint Technologies Inc.
  • Meri Mesias, CEO of SparkLearn EdTech Inc.
  • Harvs Javier, CTO of SparkLearn EdTech Inc.

Stay tuned to get the latest news from us. If you’re interested to register for this event, use our referral code!

The full details of the event can be found here.

7. SparkLearn EdTech offers a various promo and a scholarship!

The SparkLearn EdTech’s Blockchain Developer Bootcamp is nearly approaching and to date, they have good offers that everyone shouldn’t miss!

SparkLearn promotes the Group and Buddy Promo. The Group Promo is good for a team of four (4) participants while the Buddy Promo is good for a pair of participants.

Team up and save more! Avail yourself of either the Group Promo or Buddy Promo.

Lastly, BlockchainSpace , is giving away a scholarship for 3 potential web2 developers or participants! If you want to grab this chance, now is the time to send your application! Submission is until August 18, 2022.

Read here to know the qualifications for the scholarship.

Don’t let these opportunities pass, Sparkies! 🚀

That’s all for the month of July, folks! We hope to see you continue supporting our team as we also continue BUIDLing.

Excited for next achievements that we are going to unfold with you, Sparkies!

Learn more about SparkPoint and SparkSwap from the following links:

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