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SparkSwap V2: To the Second Power!

From SparkDeFi to simply SparkSwap. Gear up as the SparkSwap DEX V2 is right around the corner

At the height of the pandemic, SparkDeFi was born!

The current dapps of SparkDeFi as of May 2022.
The original SparkDeFi website, carrying the “” domain.

The transition begins

  • ‘SparkDeFi’ will be rebranded to ‘SparkSwap’. The old ‘S’ logo will be retired and will be replaced with a more modern ‘S’ logo resembling the lightning ⚡️. It is to recognize the platform’s consistent, lightning-fast transactions, thanks to Binance Smart Chain.
The new SparkSwap website is already live! The site is a work in progress so expect some downtime, bugs, inconsistencies, and changes to the contents of the website. This is a mockup and doesn’t reflect the actual live version of the new website.
  • The old SparkDeFi website will be replaced with a refreshed one. Goodbye ‘’, hello ‘’! The old domain name will be directed to the new SparkSwap website.
  • SparkDeFi’s social media accounts, channels, community groups and related platforms will soon carry the SparkSwap branding, so expect this to happen in the coming days!



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