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SRK Buy Back & Burn: How It Works and Why We’re Doing It

Let’s understand the concept of the buy back and burn program of the SRK token.

Today, let us learn what is a buy back and burn, how it works, and what are the benefits of the SRK Buy Back and Burn program to the SparkPoint community.

What is Buy Back?

In cryptocurrency, buy back happens when a cryptocurrency company buys its own token to raise demand. Fewer tokens on the market mean higher demand, hence driving the value of the tokens upward. Cryptocurrency buy backs are beneficial for three reasons: 1) Buy backs signify a profitable cryptocurrency, 2) Buy backs are more profitable than dividends, and 3) Buy backs increase the value of a cryptocurrency. Read more 3 reasons why crypto investors like buybacks — OpenLedger DEX

What is a Coin Burning?

Coin burning is the process where cryptocurrency miners and developers can remove tokens or coins from circulation which slows down inflation rates or reduces the total circulating supply of coins. The act of burning effectively removes tokens from the available supply, increasing its relative scarcity. Read more Meet the Newest Cryptocurrency Trend: Coin Burn | The Motley Fool

To remove a token from circulation, miners and developers obtain these tokens and send them to specialized addresses that have unobtainable private keys. These tokens are sent to space outside of the circulating supply. Without access to the private key, no one can use these tokens for transaction purposes, thus; it becomes unusable for all activities. Read more Cryptocurrency ‘Burning’: Can It Manage Inflation? (

SRK Buy Back and Burn Program

As outlined in SparkPoint’s revenue model, SparkPoint uses 70% of its ad revenue and 100% of the profit from SparkSwap transactions to buy back and burn SRK tokens every quarter to reduce the overall circulating SRK token supply. This is to ensure the stability of the SRK token value in the market.

READ: The SRK Buy Back And Burn History: From 20B To 10B, Where Are We Now?


Though only a few cryptocurrency projects implement buy back and burn program as of the moment, this approach is beneficial for cryptocurrencies to sustain their long-term growth and price stability in the digital market.

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