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The BUIDLing Continues: Presenting SparkPoint’s Roadmap for 2022–2023

A glimpse of what’s coming for Sparkies in the next two years.

More than three years have already passed since the founding of SparkPoint back in 2018. The project was envisioned by the founders to leverage blockchain technology to revolutionize how we perform digital payments, remittances, exchanges and gaming.

During the past three years, the team has already achieved several milestones in their long list of targets to achieve the long-term vision that sparked the idea of creating SparkPoint. We’re very proud to be one of the few non-ICO projects who survived and thrived during the crypto winter and bear markets of 2018–2020.

From conducting in-depth research and development on practical applications of blockchain technology way back in 2018, to the development and launch of their first product, SparkPoint Wallet, up to the present when the team recently launched various decentralized finance applications for the SparkDeFi platform, the fruits of the company’s efforts have continued while pushing forward the original vision of the founders through the years.

But the work continuous and is not stopping anytime soon. The team is eager and determined to further expand the original vision to even more significant aspects of digital finance, while still using blockchain as its backbone and enabling technology. The team’s journey in the blockchain technology space will be magnified as reflected in its 2022–2023 roadmap.

What’s coming to the SparkPoint ecosystem and SparkDeFi platform in 2022

All of the apps and services of the SparkPoint ecosystem and SparkDeFi platform will continue to receive improvements and new features in the coming two years. New apps and services will also launch on the expanding portfolio of decentralized apps (dApps) in the SparkDeFi platform this 2022.

Check out the breakdown of what’s coming to the SparkPoint ecosystem and SparkDeFi platform in 2022 in the quarterly targets above.

What’s in store for 2023

Further improvements will be implemented in the SparkDeFi platform in 2023 as the team moves forward with launching the SFUEL Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in SparkDeFi in the first quarter. New dApps are also in the pipeline and will be launching on the platform in 2023.

The team will also be improving, expanding, and relaunching its rewards system for its community through SparkRewards which will become a more secure, fair, and rewarding experience for our community. The team is also aiming to further dive deeper on the blockchain space as it explores launching its own blockchain, SparkChain, with research and development scheduled to start in the last quarter of 2023.

New NFT collections will be also launched from 2022 onwards. The quarterly SFUEL airdrop will also continue alongside the quarterly Buy Back and Burn of SRK, as part of the team’s commitment to reduce the total supply of SRK to just 10 Billion tokens from its original total supply of 20 Billion.

Team growth is also a top priority and as such, we’ll continue recruiting exceptional local and international talents as every quarter goes by to sustain the workforce needed for all the developments in the SparkPoint ecosystem and SparkDeFi platform.

The 2-year roadmaps above are just part of the bigger picture of SparkPoint’s game plan in the future. Just a glimpse of more remarkable things that will further fuel the team’s vision of crypto mass adoption and improving people’s digital finance, through practical products and services anchored on blockchain technology.

As a tradition of SparkPoint team, the quarterly targets will be further refined into monthly targets and will be shared to the Sparky Community as every month unfolds. Every month will of course be concluded with progress updates and accomplishment reports as part of our commitment to deliver transparent work and results for the community and people who have trusted and supported us since the beginning of this project.

Every app, product, and service of the SparkPoint ecosystem and SparkDeFi platform will always be a continuously improved, refined, and marketed through the years. Hence, the above roadmap may undergo changes depending on a range of factors and circumstances in the ever-dynamic space of blockchain and cryptocurrency, same as on the everyday operations of the team. In case of any changes, updates, new targets, and signficant news, we’ll always keep you updated through our official channels.

You can check out the new roadmap can at including the previous roadmaps.

Happy New Year to all the Sparkies and everyone in the world! May the new year be prosperous and bountiful to us all!

Big thanks for always supporting the team’s endeavor and for the things still to come. Thank you Sparkies!

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Be updated with the latest developments about SparkPoint. The project that aims to fast track mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency through an ecosystem of practical products and services.

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