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Why is Walmart investing $250 million in this Interactive Content creator?

Walmart announced the creation of a joint venture with Eko, an agency that creates interactive videos, called W*E Interactive Ventures.

What exactly is “Interactive Video”? It’s kind of the 2018 version of a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure storybook. The best way to understand the potential of the medium, and why Walmart is betting so heavily, is to watch That Moment When (seriously, this made believers out of us):


When good metrics go bad

We went on a bit of a Twitter rant this week on the shutdown of Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter. Just six months after the product’s launch, publications were covering their miraculous six-month growth to 400,000 subscribers and a 65% open rate.

We send a lot of newsletter campaigns, and many of them are pretty good, with the metrics to back this up. Those numbers do not make sense. The larger problem, and this was central to the resurfacing this week of the Facebook video metric scandal, is how misrepresentation of metrics ends up distorting expectations and conversations throughout the industry.


The Economist “peels back the curtain” on the data behind their reporting

2 things we’d like you to take away from this masterclass in audience engagement from The Economist:

  • The publication is doing an incredible job on Medium going behind the scenes on their journalism.
  • Starting with their Big Mac Index, the Economist has begun open-sourcing the datasets underlying stories on Github ❤. According the post:


The BBC will study your face to measure content effectiveness

While we’re all looking at open rates and pageviews, the BBC is taking the measurement of content campaigns into the future. In conjunction with the launch of a new study, The Science of Memory, they’ve tested incorporating facial coding and eye-tracking to better understand how a branded campaign lasts in a person’s memory:


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The read-later app Pocket has created a branded content product that feels both native and creative. While their regular newsletter features a general selection of curated articles, they also publish a sponsored newsletter that has brand-specific content for you to read-later.

Working with brands like Salesforce, Pocket curates a collection of articles directly relevant to the partner company’s brand. In the case below, there are two articles directly from Salesforce, but the rest are from leading publications like the Harvard Business Review or Business Insider on the topics of sales and CRM.

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LinkedIn is a platform that fascinates us to no end. So we could not wait to click on a story with the following headline: