The Edge.Email — 9th Edition

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JP Morgan made an incredible Twitter bot

JP Morgan has done it. They created a Promoted Tweet experience so delightful we’re leading this week’s newsletter with it.

We recently received the Blockchain Quiz below as an ad on Twitter, which sent us down a path of well-executed user interactivity, automated messages and integrated video. This is one of the best brand Twitter experiences we’ve encountered and we highly recommend testing it out (and please don’t make fun of our CEO’s score!).


2. AI

The power of small data

Insight from the Nielsen Blog:

Think about it this way: It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday if you don’t understand why. The secret to success today lies in layering big data with “smaller” data like primary research, interviews, ethnographies and quantitative surveys.



Adobe gets its company, snaring Marketo for $4.75 billion

Techcrunch provides some important context for this week’s major digital marketing acquisition news:

Ray Wang, principal analyst and founder at Constellation Research sees it as a way for Adobe to compete harder with Salesforce in this space. “If Adobe takes a stand on Marketo, it means they are serious about B2B and furthering the Microsoft-Adobe vs Salesforce-Google battle ahead,” he told TechCrunch.

For a deeper look at the financials behind the transaction, we recommend this piece from Tom Tunguz.



The science of illusion

We were recently in a conversation with a friend who has a deep connection to the magic industry (apparently Brooklyn has an illustrious history of magicians).

The conversation took a surprising turn into how important storytelling is for magicians, and how applicable many of their techniques could be to the business world. It turns out there is existing literature on the subject, starting with the TED Talk below, and yes, even extending to a full-fledged Harvard Business School Case.

(TED Talks)


Gucci’s New Instagram Explores Global Beauty Through the Centuries

The best content marketing efforts are the ones that deliver value ahead of promoting product. According to Quartz, Gucci’s new Instagram account covering the history of beauty feel’s “more like a museum-grade art page” than one of a fashion brand.



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The Hustle has been a model of developing a loyal newsletter audience into a number of tangible business opportunities. They began the newsletter as a way to promote their conference HustleCon, and turned it into a full-fledged media business. They’ve perfected the art of pun-tastic, millenial-esque business coverage, but we also want to take note of their content management chops: we love how they repurpose email content modules into standalone web content (kind of like mini-articles) with unique URLs to make for easy sharing.

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Go deeper: Very relevant to readers of this newsletter, The Hustle did a case study for Sendgrid on how they’ve utilized the service to manage their current scale of over 800,000 subscribers.