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The rise of the Micro-Brand and the Brand-Stack?

Chris Mims of the WSJ gave us our favorite brand / marketing story of the week. He covers the rise of the “microbrand”, a marketing-first product company enabled by the Scott Belsky-coined concept of a “brand stack” (theoretically similar to a tech stack).

Mims walks us through the required steps to create one, from product validation Facebook ads, to Shopify site-builds, to custom packaging startups, to UPS delivery of the product. It’s an intriguing look at the changing nature of tech-enabled consumerism.

P.S. Speaking of Scott Belsky, his new book, The Messy Middle, is next up on our reading list.


2. AI

Burger King gets it

We’ve now at the point of the AI hype cycle where healthy skepticism is prevalent enough that Burger King’s new marketing campaign is all about poking fun at the genre of “AI-generated creative”.

(The Verge)


Trying to find that data word

Julia Angwin’s new startup, The Markup, made headlines after landing $20 million from Craig Newmark. This podcast episode with Peter Kafka provides a great perspective on the future of storytelling with data.

The key takeaway — there’s a lot of great “data journalism” out there (think Nate Silver’s 538), but they mostly focus on doing statistical analyses on existing datasets. The goal of her new outfit is to create important new datasets that both their own journalists, and others can begin dissecting.



Hanging with David & Lloyd

For the corporate marketing folks still afraid of putting your firm’s leaders “out there”, David Solomon of Goldman Sachs started off his CEO tenure with a casual conversation featuring his outgoing counterpart.


  • There is a good deal of the conversation that seems genuinely unscripted.
  • We are given the pleasure of hearing Lloyd Blankfein describe his tweeting style.



Meet Morgan Stanley’s Chief Cartoonist

You probably didn’t realize they had one, did you?

(FT Alphaville)


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