Week #2 → Do you know why you work so hard?

This past week was a busy one.

On top of working on several new projects (which I’m super excited about, and hoping to announce within a few weeks), I’m also working on automating my other eCommerce businesses by outsourcing some tasks.

I’ve had to teach myself to let go, and be willing to outsource tasks. The initial time spent training new staff, and creating new processes is far outweighed by the benefit of freeing time up for myself and more ‘big picture ideas’.

There were several days where I didn’t feel like working — but I worked anyways, and ended up turning what could have been an productive day, into a day where I came up with a new business idea.

Which brings me to a realization. An obvious realization, but a realization nonetheless. You truly discover what you’re meant to do, or not meant to do, on the days when you don’t want to work. If you get your ass up and work anyways, I think it’s a sign of something fundamentally fulfilling → you’ve found your calling.

Clearly this isn’t always the case; if your work prohibits you from taking time off, or you’ve used all your sick days. But if you’re self-employed, and this is the case, I believe that you can be pretty close to certain that you’re doing what you’re meant to do.

You see…I never felt like an office job was really for me, and I suppose, for some, it’s hard to figure out what your ‘purpose’ is in life. But I believe the best way to figure out what you’re supposed to do in life, is to try a bunch of things.

This clearly goes against conventional wisdom of “go to school, get a job, pay bills, take a cruise, die.” But I truly think that trying everything, is the way to figure out what you’re meant to do, or at least what you like doing.

When I discovered eCommerce a little over a year ago, I went on a tear — working all day and all night. The fact that I’m still like that, is for myself, a sign that this is what I should be doing. I never get bored of what I’m doing, and I love long, all-night work sessions, connecting with other entrepreneurs in my field, and coming up with new and creative ideas to improve my business.

I can admit that the past few weeks (ever since I came back to Canada), my work has admittedly fallen by the wayside. I’ve been busy with other things; seeing family & friends…but I’ve acknowledged that, and really kicked it into high-gear this past week.

I can appreciate the need for taking breaks, and relaxing, but at 25-years old, my energy levels allow me to work hard, and work hard consistently. In any case, I’m looking forward to this upcoming week, and the challenges it presents!

Onwards and upwards!

Until next time.


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