Best Idea Comes From The Worst People

Daily Blog TwentyFour/365

For these daily blogs, I try to meet as many people as possible for inspiration on what to write next. And most of the time I have noticed its the idea of correcting them gives me an idea to write. Be it productivity, about life or about tech.

First thing, Worst is a pretty harsh word to use here. My slight attempt at the Click bait.

No one is perfect, and a simple tweak in thinking can either make it or break it for you. The idea just to not listening to others and doing whats right is not easy. Be known to your surroundings. The only people who genuinely care for you is your family. They don’t keep grudges or offense for long. They are the best people in our lives. Maybe that’s why we decide not to listen to them and instead fall into the trap of people who are mostly jealous of you. They may they are your friends, especially your colleagues. in office, it is the survival of the fittest. They might say something to delude you, but you always do the right thing.

See you Tomorrow