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Designing for regenerative cultures and organisational endings.

When we published the first iteration of the Stewarding Loss work in early November, we knew there was a lot there. It was a large body of work in terms of research and content. Earlier this month we hosted an event specifically to talk through the different tools in more detail, in the hope we could help start to unpack them, gather feedback on them and see them being put in to practice.

Here is the video of the event. We hope it’s useful.

We’ve also updated the Stewarding Loss website with some news about what is coming ahead in 2021 — events, live ‘service prototyping,’ peer circles, and a funder enquiry.

Alongside this Iona is building a consultancy, and we have a group of new Associates as part of the work — welcome to Caroline Ellis, Ivor Williams, Dawn Langley, Emily Bazalgette, Louise Armstrong. We’re looking to grow this group with people who have experience in organisational design, coaching, grief and healing practices, and those with technical, governance and legal understanding of organisational closures.



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