2017 Christmas Shopping Guide

All the right junk in all the right places

Photo / Pexels.com

With the dreaded Christmas season quickly approaching, adults are scrambling to find presents for “Santa” to deliver to their children. We hope to make this experience slightly less painful, so we compiled this helpful guide for your Christmas shopping.

A Cruise on the Titanic 2 — Even More Unsinkable!

Everyone knows that the best Christmas presents are experiences, and a cruise on the Titanic 2 is a great experience for the whole family. Starting at $199 per person, the cruise starts at Southampton in England and ends somewhere off the coast of Newfoundland, 2.4 kilometers below the surface of the ocean. Reserve your space at NCL.com.

Military Grade Laser Tag Guns — Just $49.99*

*Excluding medical expenses

Bring out the soldier inside yourself this Christmas by purchasing this military grade laser tag gun. These high-quality laser tag guns are crafted with real lasers used by military personnel for less-cheerful tasks than tagging your siblings with a 6 million volt laser.

Plutonium Powered Grill

Does your family enjoy cookouts? If so, Home Depot’s Plutonium Powered Grill is a sure bet for your family. The grill is also perfect for beginners, though it’s fuel requirements may pose problems. Purchase now…

Microsoft Paint

This “present” is a great free gift for your creative little artist. Why waste your hard-earned money on expensive programs like Adobe Photoshop and Paint 3D when your child can make “beautiful” art with a free application on your home computer? Your child will be cranking out “masterpieces” in absolutely no time! Learn More…