A Visit to the Dentist’s — A Halloween Tale

Daniel Frank / Pexels.com

Yesterday, I received a postcard from my dentist. It told me, to my horror, that I was due for an appointment the very next week. My last visit caught me off guard. It was announced along with a $750 dollar bill that I had cavities that had to be filled that very day.

I always hate it when they make you chew those purple plaque tablets that show how long ago you brushed your teeth. The dentists always yell, “Gotcha! You didn’t brush your teeth last week!” This time I am prepared. After some simple Googling, I discovered that the tablets show your brushing history up to four days ago. I’ll just make sure to brush my teeth really well four days before the appointment, so they won’t know. Right? I hope it works.

There was a girl in my fifth grade class whose father was a dentist. It must have been horrible. Her dad must have used those sharp metal tools to scrape the plaque off her teeth every night.

October 27th, 2017

Well, this morning I went to the dreaded dentists office. It actually wasn’t too bad. The trick worked, and my dentist looked genuinely disappointed that I had brushed. The only time that he hurt me was when he accidentally stuck me in the gum with his needle-like scraper.

I have survived, at least for now.