Forbes Finds More Than 5,000 Businesses Are Like Show Business

Shutterstock / littleny

NEW YORK CITY, NY- On September 15, the Ethel Merman Institute (TEMI) issued a press release responding to the recent article by Forbes writer Jonah Vinson.

“The Ethel Merman Institute sincerely regrets the confusion that our namesake may have caused in the Broadway hit ‘Annie Get Your Gun.’ We agree fully with the article published by Forbes Magazine. The line ‘There’s no business like show business,’ written by Mr. Berlin and preformed by Ms. Merman, is not factually correct.”
-Press Release From The Ethel Merman Institute

Noah Hobbs, the CEO of TEMI said this the article and press release, “I don’t see why people are making such a big deal about it. It isn’t worth the headaches, the heartaches and the backaches that it caused back at the institute.”

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