Ontario Government Send Another $20MIL Down the Drain

Canada’s most inept government is at it again. Arc, a Toronto movie and TV animation company that closed this week — leaving more than 500 jobless — won’t have to repay a $23-million Ontario government grant it got in 2009. Because it’s, you know, a government grant. Which is basically Latin for “no accountability.”

It is quite remarkable seeing how much money this government wastes. The world’s most indebted sub-sovereign entity simply does not know how to stop. It’s sad to think about the 50% of Ontarians in precarious work situations and the nearly 50% living within $200.00 of insolvency, and imagine how many of them could have been helped if Kathleen Wynne didn’t needlessly flush literally billions of dollars down the drain. It’s not just gas plants, this government has wasted millions on unneeded strike negotiation planning, advertising a scrapped ORPP, misappropriating eco taxes and fees, and shameless gifts to large corporations. If this were anywhere else in the world, this level of corruption would be unacceptable.


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