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Understanding Negative Feedback

May 12, 2017 · 2 min read

Negative feedback can be a challenge for any online retailer — whether this is from orders placed on your own webshop or through a Marketplace such as Amazon. It’s important to understand that the customers do not necessarily know who you are and don’t realise how you prioritise customer service but from time to time, their only experience with you may be a negative one….

The fulfillment process of their order

The time that it takes for a customer’s order to be fulfilled and delivered will affect their impression of you as a company. There are pros and cons for using Fulfilment by Amazon but can they fulfil more effectively than you can do yourself? Another solution is to work with a fulfilment house that deals with the pick, packing and dispatching of your orders — both from your own webshop or global Marketplaces like Amazon. From the start, set in place a formal Service Level Agreement so that there is transparency over the operational setup and fulfilment of your orders.

The product they receive

If your customer receives a faulty product from you, they will associate that product with your business. The customer’s impression of the company maybe one that is happy to supply defective products. It’s very possible to rectify customer sentiment with immediate customer service- failure to do so can result in negative social media chatter and a dent in your reputation. Speak to your service provider about what processes you would like to be set-up to deal with returns. The vast majority of eCommerce-focused fulfilment houses will be experienced in this area however you may wish to add little customer service touches such as a hand-written note that goes out with the replacement goods or some literature giving the recipient a discount code for a future purchase.

The communication they’ve had with you, about the order or the product

This is your opportunity to set yourselves apart from the rest and make a real impression on your customer. Make them believe that you are happy to be selling them a product — because you genuinely should be. However, in everyone’s experience as a day-to-day consumer, retailer responses are often bland and without genuine care for the customer. This is what then causes frustrations. Make sure that you treat your customer as if she were spending a million dollars. Showing you appreciate customer’s feedback and comments, whether good or bad, can go a long way towards building a good relationship. More importantly, it will make your customers feel valued and that will influence their decision on whether to return to your online store. Customer feedback can also help you identify whether your product pages require amends in the descriptions used or highlight images that are unclear.

It’s all about improving that customer experience!

Adam Gorham


end-to-end eCommerce solution provider

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