The Journey to “Redesign Heroism” Continues

The Manifesto of TheGlint

In 2012, three entrepreneurs founded a social experiment called TheGlint.

TheGlint is a society that accelerates & celebrates creatives. We aspire to shift the concept of heroism from historical warrior ideals to the acts of entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, poets, engineers and other creatives. We focus on a new paradigm of culture, creativity, collaboration and innovation amongst these groups.

It became the home to many entrepreneurs, artists, designers, engineers and scientists. TheGlint succeeded and failed in many ways. After 9 months in operation we went dormant to reassess what we’re building and figure out our lives.

Over the past year, I’ve watched, waited & hoped for something similar that aspires to achieve what we once did. There’s an exceptional few like Awesomeness Fest, Camp Grounded, BIL and TEDx that serves as examples of experiential gatherings. There are amazing groups like Sandbox that guarantees meeting interesting people. There’s Hippy Hour and Redisco, all aimed at shifting culture back or forth. All inspiring endeavors.

Despite their success, I have this unshakable feeling that I’d do it different. I don’t know how but I wanted to take experiences gained from the first iteration of TheGlint and apply it to a new thinking — facilitating meaningful conversations.

It’s a simple idea but there’s much that can be better with the way we gather: conferences, meet-ups, events and fireside chats and so on. There’s a saturation of commercial activities, it’s more about expanding network than it is connecting on a human level and they are often one dimensional — the extreme of one thing or another.

Accelerators are one dimensional. Universities have devolved into business bureaucracies. Monasteries have turned their faith and search into dogma. Artistic collectives are skewed towards just visual creativity. Hacker spaces cater only to particular types of people and confine themselves to the fringes.

As humans we want to belong. We want to be part of something. We want to identify with others. This leads to the creation of groups that align with what we identify with. This is all well and good — I too have furthered my craft as a designer by being in such groups. However, growth begins at the edge of your comfort zone. That’s why we’re restarting TheGlint with Salons.

Salons surround you with dreamers, doers, thinkers and believers so as to inspire and ignite greatness in each other.
Salons shift the concept of heroism from historical warrior ideals to the acts of creatives by celebrating and recognizing such actions.
Salons accelerate and celebrate creatives by providing a platform to showcase and receive artistic appreciation.
Salons focus on a new paradigm of culture, creativity, collaboration and innovation amongst a diverse and creative group.
Salons create an atmosphere that defines every guest as peers — a place where titles and accomplishments are irrelevant.
Salons design experiences that facilitate deep and meaningful conversations that truly connects individuals to form lasting relationships.
Salons are open to and explore all form of creativity whether it be in art, music, dance, spirituality, poetry, science, engineering, philosophy, design and many more.
Salons removes personal brands and encourages guests to be vulnerable.
Salons are never the same — the experiences changes with people, location and performances.

Salon is a gathering of all types of creative individuals: artists, musicians, scientists, engineers, designers, poets, dancers and so many more. It facilitates meaningful conversations that promote positive change in society or within your peers.

Sign-up, let us know how you’d redesign heroism and hope to see you at the salons.