Papaya Salad?!

Hey guys! We are the gluttonies, this time we are going to take you guys to Khao Pla!

Khao Pla, is a Thailand cuisine restaurant that available in Chatswood. We have an obsession with spicy food, and one of the gluttony has to lose weight and we were hunting down delicious salad. How did we discover this local gem? We were driving around Chatswood, and this corner lot, tiny restaurant caught our eye.

We went in by instinct, also the queue. But often we were disappointed with restaurant with a huge queue, turn out the food was not so queue-worthy. However, we were craving for some spicy food so we went.

Our mind was blown! I was in Bangkok, Thailand for a vacation and this place reminds me of Bangkok. The interior is a re-collection of retro and street like pictures of Thailand. People that work there are mainly Thai’s as well.

We went in for the usual Thailand iconic dishes — Tom Yum, crispy pork belly and somtum (papaya salad). Beware, this papaya salad is ultimately spicy but you can opt for the less spicy version.

I will be focusing in introducing Som Tum — papaya salad. As this is our go-to dish everytime we visit this place, and it delivers everytime without fail.

Somtum — papaya salad, photograph by Gary Teh

As you can see from above, somtum or papaya salad is mainly made from. Consist of thinly sliced un-ripe papaya or papaw, cherry tomatoes, snake beans, roasted peanuts, chopped garlic, crackling pork, lime juice, fish sauce with some palm sugar. The portion itself is quite generous, enough for two at least — if they are papaya salad lover else 3.

It served room temperature, not hot nor cold. It can be eaten as an entree or just plain itself as a salad. We would recommend some of the other dishes at Khao Pla — tomyum goong(consist of prawns), hor muk yang — steamed spiced fish meat, massamun(sweet beef stew curry) and moo krob pad prik khing — crispy pork belly with kaffir lime leaf, crackling pork with a bit of sauce. And plain rice, there you go a full meal!

If you happen to be in Chatswood, and craving for some Asian spicy food. Do check this out! Or you fancy some delicious Taiwan food, do check this out

Taste: 9/10
Ambience: 6/10 (tends to get a bit noisy)
Price: $
Queue: 6/10, dependable.
Features: Delicious Thailand food served with authentic taste.

Khao Pla @ Chatswood

Stay tuned for more food post next!

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