Rock My World @ Hattrick!

Hey guys! We are the gluttonies, this time we are going to take you guys to Hattrick!

You know those instagram acai health bowls, that always appears in your news feed but you would tell yourself, probably that would taste like shi*. Well today, we the gluttonies going to try it up first and tell you how we think about it!

First of all, we are junk food lover. We love junk food, fried food anything junky. Secondly, we tend to ear healthy from time to time; salad for lunch light dinner and so on. So, yeah we are pretty honest about our food post.

Enough of talk, let’s bring the main dish up!

Rock My World @ Hattrick, photography by Gary Teh

Above is the bowl, doesn’t it looks pretty! Guess what, it taste pretty fancy as well. It is made out of a rock melon, YES a whole rock melon. With a based made from berries smoothie, with a line of blue berries, buck wheat, strawberries, chia seeds, bananas along with some edible flower petal. It taste amazing, refreshing with hints of berries dancing on your tongue. Chia seeds add a sense of crunch while banana brings back the sweetness and strawberries as well.

Beware it is pretty instagramable and it taste great as well. You get the a huge bowl of rock melon fills with sweetness, crunchiness, sweet tooth fixed but not so much fixing on the calories!

But please be warned, this pretty bowl is a seasonal item, so grab them while you still can at Hattrick! They do serve food, beverages and alcohol as well!

There will be another post regarding Hattrick if you looking for an alternative on Monster Milkshake, also check this post out Monster Milkshake @ XS Espresso.

Grab a girlfriend of your for instagram and prepare to wow her, or your gal/guy friends for a quiet afternoon to just chill and relax during weekends :)

Taste: 7.5/10
Ambience: 8/10
Songs Chart: 8.5/10
Price: $$
Features: Nice chic hangout place, minimalist yet hippy style with awesome playlist on the roll

Hattrick @ Macquarie Park!

Stay tuned for more food post next!

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