12. Tuesday

How long has this been going on?
How had I missed this before?
Have I been that oblivious? 
I stuck my head out of my office. “Hey, Craig?” 
“How long have we been doing these brown bag thingies at lunch? Like this meditation workshop?” I held up the flyer.
Craig has been my assistant for over two years. It took awhile, but he’s finally pretty good at his job. I like him because he doesn’t hold anything back. He tells it to me straight and never worries about the impact. 
Then we discuss what needs to be done from there. 
We have this connection. I know he has my back. And I will always have his. 
We make a very good team. 
Craig smirked. Yep, that’s his smirk face. So I know the answer isn’t going to be good. 
“As long as I’ve been here, Hilary.”
And there it is. “Thanks.”
I dive back into my office and sit down at my desk. The flyer flutters as it falls in front of me. 
Damn. I really have been oblivious. I’ve got to work on that. I’ve got to start noticing more. 
I’ve got to start doing more. 
So I do the only thing I can do. 
“Hey, Craig?”
He shows up at my door. “Yes?”
“Can you add this meditation class to my calendar for the next few Wednesdays? And make sure I get to them too?”
He looked stunned. “Really?”
“Yes, really.” Okay, that was a little gruffer than I’d anticipated. “Sorry. Yes, I want to add this to my calendar, please.”
He smiled. “Will do.”

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