55. Wednesday

“Hi, Mom.” 
I feel the tears well up in my eyes just by hearing Lane’s voice.
“Hi! I didn’t expect to hear from you today.” I’m flying out Sunday morning to spend a couple of days with my son. “How’s practice going?”
“Good. Great, actually. The coach says he likes what he sees in my throw. It’s been hot though. I think I go through several gallons of water every practice.”
“I noticed that on the weather channel. It’s supposed to cool down next week.”
“That’s why I’m calling. Can you throw my sweatshirt in your bag? I’m going to need new shoes too. And …” The list grows. 
I grab a pen and start writing down his list. “So where is all of this stuff in your room?” I haven’t been in there since he left. 
“Um.” I can hear what he’s not saying loud and clear. 
“Let me guess. It’s all on the floor, dirty.”
Yep, I feel the tears vanishing. 
“Okay, not a problem.” I change subjects. “I’ll be in before noon. Can you do lunch on Sunday?”
“Yeah. Do you mind if a couple of the guys come along?”
“Not a problem. I’d love to meet more of your teammates.”
“Zack’s dad was out here earlier this week and brought us out, so I’d kind of like to return the favor.”
“I’m just getting a midsized car, so I can’t handle more than three of you. Unless you pick something walking distance.”
We spend a few more minutes talking about his days. It’s all baseball. And video games when they aren’t practicing. Typical twenty-year-old boy stuff. But I can’t help smiling. I miss it all; the comfortable noise he made with his friends when they were all piled up on my couch, eating me out of house and home. 
I really can’t wait to see him.

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