62. Wednesday

“Have you been to Europe?” I peer over my iPad waiting for Jake’s response. 
“Yes. Many times.”
“How many wineries have you toured?”
He looked at me sheepishly. “Lots.”
“Like a dozen?”
“Two dozen?”
He grinned. “More. I spent several summers there after college before I got married. France. Germany. Italy. I hit as many as I could. Studying.”
I tried not to laugh as I saw the humor in his eyes. “Yeah, studying. I’m sure that’s all you did.” I batted his leg with my toes. 
“Hey.” He pretended to look offended. “It takes a lot of work understanding the different geographical regions.”
“And trying all the grapes was a part of the study guide.” 
“Maybe. To be fair, I haven’t been back in a couple of years. I spent the summer after my divorce trying to find myself again.” He grinned.
“So did you?” I blinked. “Find yourself?”
He leaned forward, clutching my iPad in his hands before setting it on the table. He pushed me back to the pillows, leaned into me for a kiss. “I did. But I think I’m losing myself again.”
His lips consumed me. His body devoured mine. 
And I wanted it all.

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