7. Thursday

“What are you doing Saturday?”
I’m trying not to laugh, really I am. Tami should know better. She’s been here in the office with me for more Saturdays than I can count. But I’ll bite. 
“We’re heading out winery hopping to celebrate Rebecca’s divorce. Want to tag along?” Tami leaned against my office door, waiting for an answer. “Don’t say no. There’s five of us so far. Kathy booked a limo for the day. It should be a lot of fun. Say you’ll come.”
Let’s see. I could stay at home, which means I’ll work most of the day. Or I could go drinking with friends. Hmmm …
“When is her divorce final?”
“Friday afternoon, three o’clock court date. She’s celebrating all weekend long.”
I grin. “I remember that feeling.”
Tami giggles. “Me too. Twice.”
I’ve been saying I need a change. I need to get out more. 
This may not be the change I was looking for, but at least it’ll be fun. 
And I haven’t been in a limo in twenty years. 
“Count me in. How much do I owe for my share?”
“We’ll figure everything out and settle up Saturday. I’ll get the details to you by Friday. Glad you’re coming.” 
I sit back in my chair and spin it around so I can stare out my window. 
When was the last time I’d driven to a winery? The closest one is less than 60 minutes away. 
I love wine. I love driving. 
Why haven’t I done this in years?

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