71. Friday

I’m sorry

I’ve texted him those words nine times. I’ve counted. 
I feel bad. I should never have said what I said, at least not the way it came out. 
We need to talk about it, sooner rather than later. Which is why I took the afternoon off and am currently sitting in the parking lot of the vineyard where Jake works. I know he’s here; I’m next to his truck. 
I stopped by a local cafe and had them pack up a hamper filled with food. Since it’s perfect weather, I thought we could sit outside and have a picnic. Jake can supply the wine, of course. But first I have to get him to answer me. 
Since texts don’t seem to be working, I try the good old fashioned way and swipe and punch at my phone until I find his number. I hear it ringing, but the funny thing is I can hear it ringing just outside my window too, coming up behind me. 
And there he is, hands above my door, peering into my window, looking just as handsome as the day I met him. He has that out-in-the-garden windblown look to him. 
I just want to stare, but Jake’s having none of it. 
“Why are you here?”
“Is that a way to treat your girlfriend who’s here with make-up lunch to try and get back on her boyfriend’s good side?” I push gently on my car door, pushing him away and giving me room to step out of my car. I meet him full frontal, toe to toe, eye to eye. 
“I just needed some time to cool off.”
“And I just need to tell you how sorry I am. Jake, I’m sorry. I’m not good with traffic; it’s why I moved in the first place. You wouldn’t have liked me all agitated, and I wouldn’t have made a good impression. I’d love to spend more time with your friends and stay at your place and be on your turf. But we’re going to have to set some ground rules.”
I can tell he’s not that mad, not really. Traffic is a stupid thing to fight about. And I’ve gone the extra mile by being here today. So I kiss him. On his lips. On the corner of his mouth. By his ear. 
And then there’s his smile. 
All is forgiven.

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