A Hyde Park Development

Former Grand Union Plaza located right off of Route 9 in Hyde Park, NY

With so much historical value in one town, many people could understand why people living in Hyde Park would be skeptical to have business developers come in and make changes to the land they love. From the beautiful Vanderbilt Mansion, to the land and home once occupied by the Roosevelt family, Hyde Park, a rather small town situated on the Hudson River is rich in culture. With this all taken into consideration, the opposition from local residents to have new businesses come into town is not being taken lightly by local developers.

“We want to take a space that’s been vacant for around ten years now and create jobs and tax revenue for the town Hyde Park,” said local resident Nick Citera, an alumnus of Marist College. Citera and his business partner and cousin Nicolas DiBrizz, are also owners of Cosimo’s Restaurant Group, and said that they are willing to make as much of an effort as needed to lighten the process construction and approval process for local town board members.

It only made sense when dealing with businessmen to interview them at one of their other local businesses, Cosimo’s Trattoria in Newburgh, although they have other locations as well. For years the both of them have been investing their money in the local community, taking risks and having hope that one day it will truly make the area they call home a better place. Never in it for just the monetary gain, Nicolas DiBrizzi said “despite the opposition we are facing by some town members we want to continue with the project,” a project that has already signed a lease with Mavis Discount Tire.

The Mavis lease deal could potentially lead to another major deal involving a grocery store of anywhere between 30,000 to 60,000 square feet in size. This would then obviously lead to the opportunity of many more jobs, even hundreds of new jobs if the grocery store were to come in Hyde Park. This would add a new element of economic opportunity for the area.

Furthermore, Nick Citera went into detail about the potential design of the infrastructure, “we want to give the new structures a New England type style, that would probably fit in with the area best and that would hopefully accommodate residents as well.” Another unique aspect of the project is the town park they would build in front of the Mavis, of course it would be open to the public and the goal of it would be to make the area as inviting to the community as possible. So not just focusing on putting businesses in the vacant property but also turning it into a destination for all people to want to visit.

The interview moved from the bar area to the pizza ovens, conducting the interview while they stretched out pizza dough. If the many local businesses they have owned and operated is not enough to show how much they care about making the community a better place, than it will be up to them to work even harder to prove their commitment to Hyde Park’s future. With so much potential for growth in the Hudson Valley, it is important to support the people willing to spend their money to make improvements that could benefit so many people.

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