Adventures of the GroundDog

Written by Casey Bryant, photography by Stephanie Jones

This is Shea. He is a good boy.

Shea is a beat reporter for The Groundhog. You can call him the GroundDog.

He and his human went for a walk to investigate the latest news in Poughkeepsie.

There’s a lot to investigate. Like these dandelions at Pulaski Park.

After careful observation, it looks like all is well at the playground.

A good reporter always keeps their nose to the ground for a hot lead.

But sometimes leaves can be very distracting.

Can’t report on an empty stomach. A stop at Lola’s for some grub seems to be in order!

Back on the streets! Perhaps the best way to see Poughkeepsie is from above at the Walkway Over the Hudson.

It’s a beautiful day for a stroll.

The watchful reporter looks on. All is well in the city.

It gets windy on the walking bridge. A reporter must always be professionally presentable, so a grooming break is in order. Gotta look good for the camera!

True to form, the GroundDog has seen his shadow. But conflicting reports have said that spring is in the air. Will work to confirm.

Surely there is always something going on at city hall. Reporters must know how to properly hound politicians, after all.

But enough politics. The entertainment beat is way more fun, anyway. Hey, what would you call a dog-themed concert hall? The Bark-davon! Hehe.

On the hunt…

…for a good sandwich. All that reporting works up quite an appetite! Time for a pit stop at Rossi’s Deli.

A good journalist knows the history of the city he covers. Visiting the Cornell Boathouse seems like a good place to start!

Perhaps in his youth, Shea could have been a Hudson River Air Dog instead of a reporter. But like a good pup, he comes when journalism calls.

Hm, what’s that smell…is that a groundhog?

The GroundDog meets the groundhog! He seems too shy for an exclusive interview, though.

Well, that’s enough reporting for one day. Time to rest up for another big day tomorrow!

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