Criminal Court Recap for 10/17

The Honorable Judge Thomas J. O’Neil presided over these hearings.

Drugs After Dark

Thomas Anastasio pled guilty to intent to sell narcotics, possession of an illicit substance and loitering in the park. Anastasio was fined $600 dollars for the drugs, with an additional $200 fine for being in the park after dark. Judge O’Neil also recommended rehab for Anastasio in order to get his life together and clean up his act.

Drinks for Everyone

Alyssa Karter, 19 was brought up on charges of underage drinking and supplying alcohol to minors. Karter who is a student at Dutchess Community College, was fined $50 and will be forced to attend an Alcohol Awareness program and sentenced to 30 hours of community service.

When You Got to Go, You Got to Go

Samuel Fitzgerald Jr, of Kingston was fined an undisclosed amount, after pleading guilty to urinating in public. Fitzgerald stated that he really had to go, because he couldn’t find a bathroom in the bar. Fitzgerald was given until Oct 31st to pay the fine or face further fines if he didn’t by then.


Roberto Hernandez deFranco, asked for an extension to next month to pay a fine for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Judge O’Neil granted to the motion for extension to November 2nd.

Theresa Jones, was granted an extension to October 26th to pay her fine of $250 for violating the state of New York’s open container policy.

Joseph Yates, was granted another extension on his hearing for possession of drugs. Originally Yates’s hearing was supposed to be today, but Yates felt like he needed more time with his lawyer to discuss a plea.

Bad Check

Thomas Gail, pleaded guilty to soliciting a prostitute and was fined $500. Gail also paid the prostitute with a bad check, which bounced when the prostitute who called himself Tina tried to cash it in at the bank. When Tina was arrested for prostitution, she gave up Gail’s name as one of customers.

Open Beer on the Open Road

Bryon Harper pleaded guilty to driving with an open container and agreed to pay his undisclosed fine.


Vincent Delvega was brought up on charges of criminal contempt, harassment, violation of protection order, and violation of his probation. Judge O’Neil brought up the fact that Delvega has had a history of harassment against the same person over the past two years. Judge O’Neil held Delvega on 20,000 cash bail or 40,000 bond.

Luis Raymond was charged with assault in the first degree, and aggravated harassment. O’Neil held Raymond on 25,000 cash bail or 45,000 bond. Raymond expressed discontent with Judge O’Neil ruling.

Unexcused Absences

Tiffany Turner came in for an update about her attendance at The Community Transition Center. Turner is attending the Transition for alcohol related issues. Judge O’Neil noted that Turner has missed 4 out of the last 8 sessions, and has shown up late to the remaining 4. Judge O’Neil didn’t want to her the excuse Turner made, and that is zero excuses for why she can’t attend these meetings.

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