For The Record Exhibit Opens at Marist College’s Steel Plant Studios

Students, faculty, and Poughkeepsie community members packed the Marist College Steel Plant Studios on Monday evening for the grand opening of the exhibit For the Record. The exhibit is the culmination of a several-month long project spearheaded by Marist College’s collegiate newspaper, The Circle, and features 74 students with outstanding and extraordinary stories.

“It all started when my creative director came to me and told me that there was this really amazing kid in his class who was a Dutchess County legislator, and has been since he was twenty”, said The Circle’s Editor-in-Chief, Bernadette Hogan. “And then we thought — there’s got to be more students like this on campus.”

“There’s just those things that you hear and they’re rumors, and you don’t think to confirm them, unless you have a reason to — journalistically,” explained Hogan. And thus began the search for some of Marist’s most influential students.

Hogan and her editorial staff recruited names from students, professors, and other administrators to try and dig up some extraordinary stories, and extraordinary stories were exactly what they found. “I interviewed a girl who was published when she was thirteen and a group of girls who won one of the most prestigious awards in the fashion industry. That’s amazing,” Hogan said. The staff decided to name the project after a 1977 story written in The Circle called “For the Record, It’s The Circle”, which described a time in which the newspaper served as an outlet to connect and communicate with the student body. Hogan explained that that’s what this initiative is — a medium to connect students, faculty, and the community.

Students, faculty, and community members gather at the For The Record opening on February 13th.

Along with the photo gallery in Steel Plant Studios, The Circle will be publishing ten stories over a period of six weeks. Each story will highlight, in depth, some of the accomplishments and stories of each featured student. One of the students featured amassed a social media empire; another moved halfway across the world for a better education; one is battling for social justice. And that’s just to name a few.

“I feel incredibly honored to be featured among so many amazing students and I love learning about all the great things they’ve done as well,” said student Shelby Tuper, who was featured for her work in photography and the arts. “I love being inspired by people around me.”

Shelby Tuper posing by her showcase photo

According to Hogan, inspiration was one of the main focuses of this project’s initiative. “We’re not trying to create some best of the best elite list”, she said. “It’s just to highlight the students and say hey, look what your peers are doing, you can probably do this too. If you can do that, what’s inhibiting me? It’s kind of a subliminal rising up to the challenge push. It springs curiosity.”

For The Record did spring curiosity — and pride. “It’s a great show in many different ways, one, it’s some outstanding photography, but also captures the diversity of our student body and highlights students in a certain way,” said former President of Marist College, Dennis Murray. “Art brings people together, and this show is a great show to do that.”

For The Record will be running in Steel Plant Studios through February 23rd and stories will be published every Monday for the next six weeks. For more information, visit .