Glazed Over Donuts Celebrates a Year of Growing Popularity

Allie Beers

On Main Street in Beacon, New York sits a year old donut shop that is destined to satisfy any sweet tooth craving. Glazed Over Donuts specializes in freshly made-to-order donuts and unlike chain donut shops, they allow you to be the master creator.

There are all different kinds of concoctions that can be made. Ordering is half the fun of the experience, while the other half is devouring the warm, sweet goodness that you have just come up with. Upon arrival each customer is given a small sheet to fill out with all different types of toppings and glazes.

First you can pick your type of donut — either the donut of the day, which the Glazed Over team creates every morning, or a naked donut. Then you are able a choose a glaze, with varying differing options like peanut butter, lemon, maple, and strawberry to name a few. Also, seasonal glazes are offered. Next, a topping is chosen and their options seem almost endless as they have sweet and savory garnishings like bacon, chocolate chips, graham crackers, marshmallows, pretzels, and fruity pebbles. Lastly, customers are able to pick from an assortment of dizzles to go on top of their creations, they can decide on sweet yet subtle finishing touches such as honey, caramel, vanilla, and raspberry. After ordering the donuts you are able watch your masterpiece being made fresh behind a glass window where the kitchen is on display.

Even though Glazed Over Donuts has only been around one year-January 26, 2017 was their opening date-they do have regulars who consistently come in for the donut of the day or their favorite creation. Employee and friend of the owner, Pam Golembiewski says, “We have some serious regulars who come in and we start making their donuts because we know exactly what they’re going to order.”

Their specialty donuts or donut of the day is something they come up with every morning about an hour before the shop opens, “Sometimes people will ask us if they we can make a certain donut or sometimes in the mornings we just have an idea and that’s the specialty donut we pick for the day,” Pam says.

They have yet to disappoint new customers, Jenna Ficula and Isabelle Hanke both new to Glazed Over expressed their immediate pleasant experience. “It’s so cute in here, I love the decorations and the donuts taste like heaven,” Isabelle said.

They also serve other types of dreamy sweets such as their ice cream donut sandwich. Glazed Over has been gaining momentum locally and on social media. The Hudson Valley Magazine named them “Best Donuts in The Hudson Valley 2017” this past year. In addition, while Glazed Over is relatively new, their fan base is continuously growing, with over four thousand followers on Instagram. For this niche market, the future is definitely looking bright-and delicious.